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Human Nature and Independence.....

Do you ever get sick of hearing the phrase, "That's human nature?" I know I do. The term human nature is a general characterization of human traits, feelings, obsessions, and generally what most all people experience. Does anyone see the problem with this? Well let me help you. It's general, not individual. It's broken down by the parts of the whole, rather than the sum of the whole. Why is this so important? Here's the scary part. Where you work, what you watch on TV, what news is reported, or virtually everything we encounter on a daily basis is based on what is conceived as human nature. Why do women classify men as all being the same, or men classify women as all being the same. Its HUMAN NATURE. It's assumed that every women or man is the same, and will react the same to a given situation. It's a physiological characteristic that we are all taught throughout life. Don't take my word for it. Look at yourself. How many times in your life have you planned or schemed things based on what you believe, or was taught is HUMAN NATURE. If so, is it possible that you are stereotyping gender, color, race, or creed? Is it possible that we as a people are not giving others the chance they deserve? Within the confines of the law of course. Like all data, it is gauged by what the majority does, and the minority just has to take the ride. Imagine what it would be like if people were just treated as an individuals rather than what everyone perceives what the whole group of cattle will do. Are people really more independent today than years ago, or are they just more vocal about their independence. And for that matter, is it really independence in the true sense of the word? Look at the definition. 1. free from outside control; not depending on another's authority. 2. not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence. And each breakdown into many sub-categories. So when you say you are independent, do you fit the mold of item 1 and 2? The truth is, NO ONE IS TOTALLY INDEPENDENT. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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