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When you really think about it, do you need to say it is your fate, or your destiny to do something in the same sentence? Many times I hear them used exactly like that. In the same sentence. It’s redundant, because they are basically saying the same thing twice. Fate and destiny can, and are used interchangeably. It’s the new-age society that interprets them on a much more literal scale. Yes, so we had the ice age, old age, and now we have new age. Every time a group of individuals develops a new concept, we feel the need to put a label on it. What is your fate, destiny or faith? They are all determined by the context in which they’re used. You might say that it was someone’s fate to get divorced because they’re wife caught them cheating so many times. You could also say, it was your destiny to get divorced because you cheated on your wife so many times. Some would say it was they’re destiny to achieve so much because they were such a hard worker, you could interchange the word destiny with fate, and it would mean the same thing. In either phrase, destiny or fate could be interchanged. But it amazes me how people become so obsessed with its usage, and so eagerly ready to correct those when it’s said. Was it me who said in one my one of my books, “life is not difficult, people make it difficult”. It had to be me, I wrote it. I think I’m a genius.

Faith, on the other hand, is a much different word entirely. Faith can be used in a religious or non-religious form based on how the person is using the term. Therefore, it can have many different meanings, or should I use the term inferences? Someone can say, have faith in yourself, or I have faith in you, or trust in your faith. There is no real religious inference in the first two phrases, only in the third. I know some English Professor somewhere is reading this and just wants to put his hands around my neck and squeeze really hard. On the other hand, people with religious beliefs will use the word faith in the religious sense, such as, I am of the Christian faith. The real question is, what do all three have in common?

Their common bond is, no matter how they are used; none of them can be seen. The only thing you see are the results. Faith however, is something you either believe in, or you don’t. Inherently, people find it hard to believe in things that aren’t physical. Meaning, if they can’t see it, smell it or touch it, does I really exist? Remember the tree in the forest story? Two different ways of thinking, two different perceptions. Isn’t that what it all comes down to, perception? Isn’t that what most things in life come down to, perception? How things are perceived by others? So when it all comes down to perception, is anyone really right or wrong? The way someone perceives something may not be wrong, but the way someone presented it for them to perceive it that way could be wrong. Faith in religion works the same way. Some have faith that there is a God, even though they can’t see, touch or feel God.

Faith is just something that someone believes in without requiring physical proof of its existence. You just belief it exists. You have faith. How do you believe? I have taken care of gang members who have been shot and think they will die, they claim they don’t believe in God, only their gang, their brothers, but yet, they will say; “God, please don’t let me die.” So do we have faith only when it’s convenient for us? The old Italians used to say; “It’s written in the book.” What that meant was, the date, time and place you will die is predetermined. No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, when it’s your time, it’s your time. If that’s true, does fate, destiny or faith, really have meaning? Of course they do. Because to you they are real when your time comes. Sometimes people have a tendency to over think things.

We’re not here to dispute or discuss religion, but the bible has many proverbs and quotes. Are we to believe that someone, or some group of people sat down and made this all up? A group of people said, let’s make up stories of Jesus and God and write a book about it. I think that’s a pretty farfetched idea and a rather ignorant thought process, because if that were true, then there had to be many groups that had to be formed to do it for all the different religious cultures we have today. Others have faith that there is a God regardless of those things. Who is right, and who is wrong? Is there a right or wrong? They are people’s opinions. The bible’s teachings are open to the perceptions of those that read it. They have a right to have, and also have the right to express, PEACEFULLY their opinions and views. Therefore, no group is right or wrong. I ask you this? Scientists can give you every scientific reason of how our universe started. The same probably is true for other universes and galaxies as well. Because science is based strictly on facts, its evidence based. However, with all that science, for all the super nova’s that happened for our stars and planets to be created, and fall in perfect alignment, my thoughts are this. Somewhere it all had to start. Think about that for a bit.

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