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Moms .... what exactly are they?

Let me start by saying, as a writer, I try to read many of my twitter follower posts. Yes, it can be quite the challenge. I like to follow those with different views, those that take a constructive stand on a point. I started following GIT MOM on twitter. I find the posts and views quite interesting, and also true. Almost everyone will say they have a mother that they love. But what exactly is a mom? Well this is only a blog post and I could, and one day, may write a book about it. But for now, let's sum it up to this. A mom is THE TOWER OF STRENGTH. Men do deserve credit as well, especially many single fathers, but lets face it, a women can make any house into a home. She can fix any bruise, dry any tear, solve most problems and in the end, be the voice of reason. However, with all that strength, wisdom, love and courage, many endure great hardships and many are unhappy. Worst.of all, taken for granted. Many times not intentionally, but it just seems to happen. A sad but true reality. The reasons could be many. In the many books I have written, and the thousands of hours of research, I can tell you no one is perfect. Not even a mother, but I also tell you on a per capita basis, a mom comes closest. So I ask you all that still have your mothers with you. Make everyday mothers day. Make her happy, tell her you love her, and say thank you. They rarely ask for anything more. For them, being a mom starts from day one and never ends. Inspired by GIT MOM.

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