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In life we live through many experiences. Some are good, and others not so good. No matter what the event or turn of events, they all have one thing in common. "AN EXPERIENCE." There is a process about experiences. They change as we grow, but the fact is, we don't forget the good ones and always want to relive them. In time you realize you can't for many reasons. The situations are different, people are different, you have outgrow the experience, or you physically just can't do them anymore. Are we ready to give up on them? Absolutely not. Many times we relive experiences we enjoyed through friends, at work, but the most common method is through our children. However, often times a parent will push their child to hard so they can relive an experience they had, but did not end the way they wanted. A good example is a father who played a sport in high school but just never made the grade as being one of the best. A good team player, but just wasn't the star. He may push his child to play that sport and push them almost to the breaking point to be the best, be the star, so he could relive his this missed experience through his child. When anyone is pushed to that degree, it no long makes the experience fun for them. It has now become a selfish event for the other. This could be the start of some emotional scars that child will carry for life, especially if they feel they disappointing someone. Think about this questions. IS IT BETTER FOR SOMEONE TO DO THEIR BEST, OR BE THE BEST? Sure, if hey achieve both and have fun in the process great. If they did their personal best, than aren't they really the best .... their best? Experiences in life should be joyful, not stressful. There will be enough of those as life goes on, so make the fun ones fun. The best coaches for kids will always teach them that winning is always a great feeling, but nit isn't everything. Good sportsmanship, having fun, and giving it your best is more important. Enjoy your experiences and never try to relive them through others. For others, it's their turn to enjoy the experience. - Caesar Rondina

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