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What are people; who are the dreamers ?

I have been blessed to be to interact with hundreds of thousands of people in my life. My Twitter account has followers from all over the world. This website has had visitors from almost every country. Gotta love analytics. Are they all my readers or fans? Probably not, although that would nice. However, they are all people. Different languages, different thoughts, different colors, races and creeds from many cultures. With that said, we all share one thing. We are all people. We all have the same desires, pain, sorrow, and we all hurt. We all have been emotional hurt by others, and we all probably emotional hurt someone at some point in our lives. We all get dressed in the morning, we all breath air, and have hearts that pump blood throughout our bodies. We all smile, and we all cry. We all have won and lost. Life's trials apply to all. The point being, we are all the same. The differences are mostly superficial or cultural. What many years in public service has taught me is that no matter what type of apple is in the bushel, there will always be bad ones mixed in. Don't judge those who really are no different than yourself just because of the bad apples in the bunch. We all come with an expiration date. The good as well as the bad. Focus an acceptance and making a difference. When good stands together and strong, evil can always be defeated. Their are many people in a crowd, you can be the one that simply mixes in, or the one that stands out. To those that dream. Never accept that dreams are just your fantasy and can never come true. You are a reflection of your dreams, and should always strive to reach your dreams. Desire and tenacity, persistence and not giving up will make you realize your dreams. Live them everyday and never give up. Life's choices.

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