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TO BE THANKFUL .... All should read this!

To date, this year in Connecticut, 254 people have died in traffic accidents. That's 254 lives that were tragically taken away from family, friends, and all whom they interact with. This is just one example of how lives are lost. Working in the pre-hospital emergency care system, I view studies about how much time is really saved running an ambulance with lights and sirens versus going normal travel. With the emergency vehicle laws in Connecticut being what they are, when you break it down, for many trips, we are only saving a little over a minute getting to a call, or a hospital. This is assuming no traffic jams, etc. The risk of an accident while transporting a patient with lights and sirens can go up exponentially. The point being, do the benefits out way the risks?

How many times have you been cruising down the highway at 75 or even 80? Someone passes you like your standing still. The time you save in traveling one mile at 70 mph versus 80 mph is 6 seconds. That means in one hour of driving, you saved 6 minutes. How may times do you travel for an hour at highway speeds? Weigh the risks versus the benefits. Think about this next sentence. Is killing yourself, others, or maybe a mother with her children worth it? My travel time to work would save me 3 minutes. Is a life only worth 3 minutes to you? To be thankful means so much that we take for granted.

Most things in life can be cast aside and resumed at a later time. How about your life? When it ends, you can't pick up where you left off. There are no second chances after death. Everyone needs to be conscious of the things they are thankful for each day. Things like your job, family, friends, or a significant other? Most of all, life itself. Life is one thing that is denied or taken away from so many far too soon. Between my career in medicine, writing, and my boating lifestyle, I have seen and experienced wonderful things in life. Some might even call many of them miracles. However, the flip side is, in my line of work, I have also witnessed and seen too much death. Being thankful is much more than just saying the words "Thank you." Being thankful is a lifestyle, a way of life. It's the way you chose to live your life. Trust me, if you live your life by those principles, people will take notice. You will be more content and a happier person inside. You will feel like you're making a difference. Not only in your life, but in others as well.

As we approach this season of being thankful, remember that giving is a greater joy than receiving because many are not as fortunate at any level. I wish all of you and your families a safe, healthy and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I will leave you with this quote.

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