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Are You Aggravated? ......

If you like this blog post. Share or Retweet it. Never keep ggod things from others. Aggravation can be a curse. One we live with every day. If we let our guard down, we can be aggravated about something within 5 minutes after we open our eyes. Anyone you interact with that is aggravated can pass that along to you. Like a cold or the flu. It's catchy. Why is this? The most common reasons for aggravation are:

1. Work, 2. Family or friends, 3. Relationships (including sex), 4. Life in general, 5. Genetic (yep, it could just be part of your genetic make up

At the end of this I will provide you with a link to a great article and study. To understand aggravation or anything in life, you first have to look for the common denominators. Do you see a common denominator in that list? Remember, think out of the box. Past the word aggravation. The answer is, in any one of those 5 listed items comes stress. Stress increases aggravation, and aggravation increases stress. They fuel each other. It's like a fire. Basically it takes three things in order for something to burn.

Oxygen, heat, and fuel. (meaning something to burn) Increase any one of those will make the fire grow. Remove any one of them, and the fire goes out. Simple. It's the same way with stress and aggravation.

Removing either one, helps the other. Does it make sense that if you remove aggravation, you also stop or control stress? Or if you remove stress you also decrease or remove aggravation? It should. The key is, how do you do it. It starts when you wake up. Whats the first thing you say? Most would say "I don't feel like going to work today." BANG !!! You just supplied the fuel for your fire. The oxygen is life. It's all around us. Now you have two elements. When you deal with any one of the five reasons above, you now have the final element and you have stress and Aggravation. As either of those elements grow, so do your emotions. Bottom line is, most start the day off wrong to begin with. Now when you get to work everyone else is just as miserable about being there as you. How can you not get aggravated, and your personal life is no different. There will always be that outside influence.

Now to control it. First, stop being so damn negative. There are two types of people. One that looks at a cloudy sky and says, "it's cloudy." The other says, "it's cloudy but the sun is shining thought." Which are you? When you experience a negative, turn it into a positive. Example, when you wake up and think you don't feel like going to work today, think hey, let's do this because it's one day closer to pay day, or the weekend. Replace your negative thoughts with positive ones. Also, when you portray a positive attitude, it will make other around you feel positive reducing both your stress and aggravation and theirs. As this passes form person to person that you interact with daily, the results are astounding. You might ask, what about that person that is just miserable. Well, there is where the genetics come in. It could just be innate to there behavioral patterns. Avoid them, and limit your time with them, or, be a pal and try to help them. Yes, innate behaviors can be relearned. Greeting people with a smile rather than, crap, were here another day, goes a long way. It is the same in any aspect of your life. Let's look at an argument for example. Can you have an argument if there is only one person arguing? It takes two people to have an argument. Sometimes you need to learn when it's time to just walk away and not let others steal your joy.

Will it happen overnight? Hell no. You can;t get to where your going if you don't start the car. When people or stressed or aggravated they act differently. This next quote is not meant literally. Look at the concept. "When a child acts like an adult, its cute. When an adult acts like a child, it's a shame." - Anonymous If you become a part of it, you also become a child. So I will leave you with these thoughts. All these concepts and more are discussed in my book Balancing The Scale. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Here is the link I mentioned and some before and after photos.

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