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THE GOOD OLE' BOY DAYS ARE OVER. WHY HASN'T ANY MAN SAID THIS? Last night I had dinner with a dear friend of mine who is female. She doesn't get into town that often. When she's in town, and our schedule allow, we'll have dinner and catch up. She is a professional woman in a male dominated business. She is very strong, intelligent, and independent. I enjoy engaging in conversation with her. Her husband is also a dear friend of mine. Some may have an issue with that since when she's in town it's on business and not with her husband. What I am about to discuss will tell you why that is not an issue. Between the many Twitter posts, Facebook posts, as well as the news, the HOT topic is female abuse. In government, the entertainment industry, and work. Whether it's physical or verbal, it's abuse. It has nothing to do with whether or not ALL allegations are true. If even one is true, IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. As we discussed this topic, we realized, the only ones that comment on this IMPROPER behavior are women. WHY HASN'T ANY MAN COMMENTED ON THIS SUBJECT? That's what I'm here to talk about.

Acceptable behavior is any behavior that is looked upon as what most people approve of or consider to be normal. The good ole' boy days are over. First, what actually is acceptable behavior? The concept that this is a man's world is hogwash. The days where the philosophy that a man can hang his hat anywhere and still be considered a man; if a woman does it, she a whore, are over. Get over it. Acceptable behavior is not gender specific. It applies to all genders. Now that I have that out of the way, let me get to my point. . Remember that, that's why I put it in bold letters. With that said, that will vary from country to country, and culture to culture. For the sake of this blog post, I am speaking only of the United States.

ANY MAN WHO DISRESPECTS A WOMAN IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM , IS NOT A MAN. PERIOD! There you have it, It's finally said publicly by a MAN. Why? Because it's truth. I only speak the truth. Like it or not is your choice. Any way you cut it, you can't change the truth. Men who do these things are either insecure, have an inferiority complex, or just simply think they are superior. I don't give a damn what label you put on it, IT'S WRONG. IT'S NOT ACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR. Not in this country. That behavior disturbs me. As a Paramedic for years, I have seen the results far to many times, are far worse then what you see on the news. A a man, and yes I qualify myself as just that., it down right aggravates me that these fools place a black mark on the faces of all men. I'm single, I see it, I live it. A true man can't approach a women without seeing or sensing the caution in her eyes. No matter how well you choose your words, you are lumped into the huge cesspool that these men, who aren't men, have created. That makes every Italian hair on my neck stand at full attention. A true man DOES NOT have to dominate, use, or abuse, in any manner, any women. A true man is such because of what he is. What he stands for. His values, morals, and principles. Things he lives his life by. Things that make up his character. How many notches you have in your belt doesn't make you a man, any more than how many men a woman has slept with makes her a woman.

Yes ... I am glad that women are finally speaking out. YES .... I am disappointed by the number of men that do not publicly support them. If you want to prove your manhood, then stop worrying about being a part of the locker room crowd. One of my favorite quotes, and yes, I have developed a few. "A person is not unique if they are part of the crowd, the unique one is the person that stands out and away from the crowd" - Caesar Rondina. In closing, I may not agree with every position a women takes. For example, I support feminism. A women's rights to being treated as equals. However, some feminists take it to a much higher level than how the word itself is defined. You all have the right to your opinions. That's a different topic all together. Ladies, this is one man that supports you. That is the difference between a real man, and those that try to be and can't. Your platforms, your views, and your beliefs; do not intimidate me. They shouldn't, and will never intimidate a true man. - CJR

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