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So I had a minute to give you something to think about..... INJUSTICE

Just a thought ..... Is it now popular to be unpopular? Is the world finally be giving the underdog a break? Let's face it, without politics and sex scandals, what else is there that is that controversial left to put on the news? What else could people possibly talk about? We live in a world FULL of injustice. Injustice at every level. I do't care if it's at work, at home, or at play. If you look, you will find injustice. Most think that injustice just applies to government or politics. However, injustice is a word that has a broad meaning. Injustice is an unjust act or occurrence, or a lack of being fair.

Think about this. Are you an unjust person? Do you ever commit an injustice? Damn straight you do, we all do. It's part of the human condition. An innate behavior. One that's hardwired into each and every one of us from birth. No has to teach it to you. Every time you don't get your way, no matter what it is, if you react to it in an untoward manner, now there's a word you don't here much of anymore. It simply means, so no one has to google it, it's a response that is unexpected and inappropriate or inconvenient. If you do that, you are committing an injustice to something or someone. "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

Innate behaviors, unlike learned behaviors, are far more difficult, but NOT impossible to change. The next time you start judging someone or something, take a step back. Think about this. There are two things in this world you cannot take back. 1. Time. Once it's passed, you've lost it. 2. Words or actions. Once said or done, they are NEVER forgotten. The oldest court room trick in the world is for an attorney to say something they know will be objected. The judge will say, "The jury will disregard that last statement by council." Any attorney worth their salt knows and relies upon the fact that the jury WILL NOT forget. Some may call it "Planting a seed." What happens to any seed you plant? Correct, it grows.

Such is the case with injustice. It grows until it becomes a disease. A disease that spreads. At a lecture I was the guest speaker at, I was asked a question. That question was, "How do we stop doing something?" Which was a question based on the topic of my lecture, which was harassment in the work place. There were about 200 managers and supervisors in the room at this conference. I replied, "Good question, however, the question should have been, how do we stop anything?" That was the easiest question I was ever asked because the answer it simple. "JUST DON'T DO IT. PERIOD" Of course I elaborated, but it's a concept. One that starts with each and every one of us. Just as we say "NO" to drugs. Just say "NO" to injustice and don't be of, or initiate it. It will take time. Maybe not in our lifetime. But it can go away. I wish you all a very safe, healthy, and Happy New Year. - CJR

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