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All Gears Are In Motion .....

As the title says. All gears are in motion. All three book releases for this year are now in the publishers hands. Editing, minor rewrites and approvals will get them out as projected. The industry has made great changes over the past 25 years. We now have digital availability, many outlets to get books. It is unfortunate that with this change, many of the smaller books stores have gone by the wayside. As for me, I still still to hold a book in my hands. For me, e-books just don't have the same personality. Does a book you can hold in your hands have personality? You bet it does, and plenty of it. here are now so many different genres that did not exist, or weren't popular years ago. Now there is self-publishing which is a great thing for a Author to do if they are willing to do, or have the time to do most of the leg work, and all the marketing. Publishers don't offer to Author's the same perks as years ago unless you are a very famous Author. In short, although there may have developed some drawbacks, overall, the industry has made great positive strides forward.

When I wrote my Best Seller over 25 years ago, it was what many call today, "The Old Days." The days when you really stuck to one style of writing. My first and only Best Seller, which is no longer in print since it dates back so far, "Management and Employee Relations," was published at a time when this was a hot topic. Why that topic, simple put. I'm one of the best at it because I believe in people. There were only book stores, no online options. I guess at the time you can say I was a one hit wonder. Mostly because my children were young, I was working two jobs, and just didn't have the time to write. However, the one thing I did do with the onset of the internet, was turn it into an audio/visual tutorial which to this day sells each and every month on I update it yearly to keep the concepts current. This is why I quote my good friend who is a well known best selling Author, and has asked his name never be credited, "Being a best selling Author should not be your goal, having consistent book sales should be your goal." What makes someone a best selling author varies from list to list, and no one really knows how those figures are even computed for each individual list. With 11 million titles on Amazon alone, good luck. Sure, it's nice to say you are, or have been, but not being one does not mean you are not. Another good friend of mine has never made a best seller list. Yet grosses well over six figures a year from their writings. But I get it, and yes, I like many others would like to make a best selling list again. Maybe in 2018, but only with your support, because book sales are what matters. With all of this history said, all gears are in motion for 2018.

Making Partnership Choices will be released in April. The hard cold reality about how people make relationship choices. You will be surprised to find out the reason why some of that process is not your fault. It's hard cold truth. Brutally honest, and some fun stuff in it as well. If you don't get this one, you're really going to miss out on information that could change your life, and or relationship(s). Every book I write goes out to an independent book reviewer before it goes to the publisher. For this book, this was her response. "Making Partnership Choices has the potential to be one of the most controversial books in 2018." You can view the official video trailer of the book on this website. Just click the MEDIA tab, than VIDEOS. All book trailers are there.

Or just follow this lnk. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and don;t forget to hit the like button on my Facebook page. Once every couple of weeks I write a writers tip of the week on my Facebook page. 2018 will be no different. I answer every message, and every email that is sent to me. Usually within an hour or less. Feel free to send a message. I do have a chat button that shows up on this site if I'm available for a text chat. I apologize I haven't been that active with it for the last two months, but when you have deadlines. to meet, you're glued to work. If anyone has a topic you would like to see me comment on in a blog post, send it to me. If you give me written permission in your email, I will credit you in the post as giving me the idea. Thank you to Emily Green, an aspiring writer, who gave me the idea to discuss how I made the best seller list, and how the industry has changed. Until next Tuesday, be well. CJR

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