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Dating ...... How do you do it?

So what's all the mystery about dating? What the hell is it anyway? Honestly, I used to know. Dating used to be so simple. You met someone, you asked them out, and you just had fun. If it was going to grow into something, it did. Simple right? Not so much. The dating world of today is far more complicated. Have you ever wondered why? Let me give you a few reasons.

1. Divorce rates for first, second and third marriages are much higher. There are simply more people dating.

2. The excuses have gone up exponentially.

A. I want someone that will take care of me for a change.

B. I want someone who will treat me better then the last guy I dated.

C. I want someone who will travel a lot.

D. I want someone who has money and can take me out.

E. I want someone that will make me number one.

What's the common denominator here? There are actually a couple. First, the words "I WANT." There's nothing wrong with wanting, it's what you want that's important. The one reason you hear very little about is, "I want someone to just love me." Now there's a new one. Why am I an expert on this? Because I am divorced. I date. An A-E are the most common things that come up in a first date conversation. Really? If you want to scare me away, just put a Halloween mask on your face and text me a picture of yourself. Surely that will work just as well. SO let me tell you what's wrong with each of the above. I warn you I write of truth and reality, so buckle up.

A. If you were in a relationship where you both didn't care of each other, don't look for a teacher. You blew that one.

B. If you allowed yourself to be treated like shit, shame on you.

C. If your looking for someone to pay the bill for what you want, then you screwed this one up as much as you did in item A.

D. IF you're that superficial that all that matters to you is money, get a better paying job.

E. If you were never number one and were willing to settle for number two, that's your fault.

"PEOPLE SETTLE." Any women that says any of those things to me, will never make to a second phone call yet alone a second date. Now tell me what I highlighted, and we have a chance because with "LOVE". you have just fixed items A -E. Make no mistake people, that is reality. The biggest problem with dating is,They settle because they just can't handle being alone. That may not be their fault. They just might be so used to having companionship. GET A DOG BEFORE YOU SETTLE. Settling only works if you're just looking for casual fun. No commitments, nothing serious. If your older, and looking for that life time partner, God, do yourself a favor and DON'T SETTLE. We both know you've already done that more then once, and how did that work out for you each time?

So to wrap it up, let's answer the question. "DATING ... HOW DO YOU DO IT?" You do it by knowing for once in your life exactly what you want, and exactly what you are looking for, and you won;t settle for this. If that happens to be any item from A -E, fine. Personal choice always works. However, if you're looking for the life time real deal, than make sure your next choice is going to "LOVE you. Not for what they want you to be, but for who you are. Learn a ton more about this when you purchase my book "MAKING PARTNERSHIP CHOICES," due for release in April 2018. In the meantime time remember these two things:

No woman ever wakes up in the morning with all her makeup on and her hair done.

No man ever wakes up in the morning clean shaven with his hair done.

Life - Truth - Reality


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