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The Right Kind Of No Is Better Than The Wrong Kind Of Yes. ....

I'm jealous. That's an awesome statement, and I didn't come up with it. The credit has to go to a creative scriptwriter. When you first read it, you say WHAT? Until you really look at it. I heard this in a scene from the new TV series 911. The scene was an older women, a 911 dispatcher, who wanted to ask out a younger firefighter. He was the playboy type that slept with every girl he met on the first date. Even his therapist at his first session. When asked, he tells her no. He explains he has this sexual thing and he doesn't want to lose her friendship. Maybe they would just continue talk on the phone for a while. When she returns to her table from her phone call to him, she has a huge smile on her face. Her mother's nursing aid asks her what did he say, you're smiling. She told her he said no. The aid asked, why are you smiling? The title of this blog was her reply. "The right kind of no is better than the wrong kind of yes." Now do you get it? Knowing the way he was, he didn't want to disrespect her and lose her friendship which was more important to him and wanted to give it time. Who knows where the plot will take this. It will probably be dragged out for the suspense and anticipation of the audience.

What lesson is learned? We may NOT always get everything in life we want, or when we want it. If so, we need to look at the reason. Often times the reason we didn't get what we wanted is more important than the reason we would had gotten it. It takes some practice, and maybe at times the right kind of person to be able to think like that. It's human nature to be disappointed when we don't get something we want. When that happens, learn to look at it by seeing it from outside of the box rather than from the inside.. Only then can we look at it realistically. Take it for what it is, and accept it. Many times getting what you want comes with a high price tag. Are you willing to pay that price? Don't beat yourself up. Take it for what it is and find the light around the dark cloud. "To know something means you can understand it. To understand it means you can accept it. Anything else just doesn't work." That one is mine. - CJR

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