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Cause and Effect. Know what it really means.

The phrase "Cause and Effect." Do we really know what that means? I have heard many different interpretations of it from various people. Used in different ways. Often times society chooses their own meanings of things to fit their needs. However, it's a phrase that only has one meaning, and an important one at that. It refers to the principles of "causation". Now what the heck is that? Simply put, it's the act of causing something and the effect that it has on something. For example. If someone starts an argument, the resulting effect is that there will be an argument. Another example could be, we received seven inches of rain in four hours. - The underpass was flooded. Or I never brush my teeth, - I have 5 cavities. (courtesy of I think you get the picture. For every cause, there is an effect. The question is, how can we control it? Or can we? The facts are, we can control most things in life when it comes to ourselves, but we can't control others. Really? Or could we?

This post deals with cause and effect as it relates to the human condition not the laws of physics. We certainly can't control the weather. We can control ourselves, and to some degree, others. As an example. In an argument, it takes two people for there to really be an argument, unless someone likes to arguer with themselves. You can't control whether someone starts one, but you can control the effect by not being a part of it. That choice takes a great deal of control. Most people in our society want to have the last word. Everyone has something to say, and wants to be heard. That is fine if it can be done in an adult and respectful fashion, and a compromise can be reached. So how many times in your life has that worked for you? That is a very difficult character trait to change for most. Simply, because it';s a learned behavior that probably have had for years. A portion can also be an innate behavior, meaning, hard-wired to them since birth. Most people in society feel there has to be a clear cut right or wrong. Someone has to be the winner, and someone has to be the loser. Not much grey area with that method of thinking. Nor will there be much compromise. They forget one of the most important words in any language. "COMPROMISE."

Certainly there are areas where cause and effect are very paramount. Such in the military, law enforcement and others. These areas must be aware of cause and effect because the effects can be devastating. For the most part, cause and effect in our daily lives is not quite as devastating, and deals more with what we say or do. Although there are exceptions. Such as acts of violence against society. I've said this so many times. We read things in print, we see it on the news, we comment, we're saddened, but it really NEVER really hits home until it happens to directly to us. Until we are the victim of the effect as a result of the cause. That's when it really sink in. Reality can be a cruel wake up call.

So how do we understand this concept and start to fix it so people have a better understanding resulting in a better outcome? AWARENESS. Get rid of the "It will never happen to me" attitude." It can. If it does, it's usually without any warning. It takes situational awareness to avoid it, or at least reduce the risks of cause and effect in your life. It will have to be a conscious effort at first, but think about what you do and say before you do it, or say it. Why? Because everything you do or say which is cause, will have an effect on something or someone. What's that old saying? "Be careful what you say because once you say it you can't take it back." After a short while of thinking this way, it will become a learned behavior and you will do it automatically without even thinking about about. In closing, if you doubt anything I have told you here, do one thing for me. Sit back and think of all the times you did or said something that had an effect on someone, or yourself, that you didn't like; and how you could have avoided it. If you must, write them down, but have a full pad ready because you will fill it easily. Awareness, consciously thinking, and evaluating the effects will make your life far less stressful. I will leave you with this quote I happen to like. and feel free to share the link to this blog post with all your friends. That's why we call it awareness. Thank you - CJR

“Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another.” ― J.E.B. Spredemann, An Unforgivable Secret

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