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Politics - The plain and simple truth

In today's world, trying to stay out the political arena is difficult at best. Especially when you're a writer. Most want to know what you have to say. Therefore, after many email requests, here it is. Allow me to say this will NOT be a bashing post. This post is about the plain and simple truth. Before we start, think about this question. DO WE REALLY NEED POLITICAL PARTIES? So let's start. What do we know?

  • There are many political parties, when a candidate cannot get support from one, they will go to another,

  • Campaigns have turned into personal attacks. Not only on the candidate, but on their families. Shouldn't candidates be focusing on the issues?

  • Friendships have been destroyed and families with different views fight,

  • Most people still don't trust the media,

  • People are not supportive.

That's the short list, but you get the idea. Let's ask the first question. DO WE NEED POLITICAL PARTIES? A political party is an organized group of people that often times share the same views and take a unified stance on issues. Really? If that were true, once a party member is in an elected office, why don't their parties members support every bill their party member proposes? Don't get me wrong. Everyone will not always agree, and it's a free country, and everyone has the right to their own opinion. My point is, that only happens during the campaign. After the election, the politics start. Loyalty is thrown out the window. It's every man or woman for themselves. Therefore, why do we need political parties?

It's not about the left, the right, conservatives or liberals. Those are just symbolic titles. Isn't it actually about the people? The worse thing any voter can do is be uniformed, or misinformed. When that happens, they vote out of ignorance. Most will just select a straight political party ticket. Meaning, all Democratic or Republican. (used as an example only) Is that the proper way to vote? We live in a world of classifications. Race, color, creed, and yes, political affiliation. Tell me, what happened to individualism? Many people never get a chance to be heard for these exact reasons. I think you can see where this is going.

What is the difference if we did NOT have political parties? Rather, one united political organization. A candidate should not have to be endorsed by a group, or party. A united party can still assist in campaign funding if the proposed candidate meets pre-defined standards. A united organization would no longer take sides. It would be up to the candidates to make their case to the public. This organization would also set rules for a campaign, and be responsible to oversea these rules are adhered to. Personally, I don;t care what someone said in a locker room 11 years ago, or if someone had an affair 20 years ago. Jesus everyone, these are people, not Gods. If you are going to hold any candidate to God's standard, we wouldn't have on politician in the entire world.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has said or done something that someone may consider inappropriate in their life time. If they didn't, they are not human. Everyone has some type of skeleton in their closet. Get over it. When I follow the candidates I do it with one main concept. First, who is the less of the evils? IF they have dirt, which is relevant, and which is not? Most times, we would all like to take some traits from all the candidates and put them into one. We know we can't do that. So the question is, who is the lesser of all the evils that follows what I believe in?

This solves many problems. First, the candidates would be forced to spend time on the issues because they could not ride on the merits of a national organization platform. Second, this would stop the voters form just selecting candidates of one party. For the social issues, there would be no such thing as states that are primarily one way or another. My point is to vote for the person, not the party.

For those of you that haven't realized this, politics is about negotiations and votes. Not about what is right or wrong. You vote for my bill, and I will vote for yours. Political promises are not worth the words that are spoken. We all vote for someone based on the promises they made. If you like the promise, they get your vote. What happens when the promises don't materialize? Well, that's politics right? If you vote for me I will do this. Sounds like a verbal contract to me. Where is the accountability? There is none.

Everyone thinks any person can fix the screw ups of years in one term. IMPOSSIBLE. At the end of the term decide. Did they get somewhere or not. Did they make a difference? These are the questions you need to ask and answer. Candidate bashing has gone to the wolves. Nothing is sacred. The candidate, their wives, and even their children. Whatever it takes to discredit them. With that said, someone with a questionable past should have to be accountable for that, but let's face it. Everyone has a skeleton buried somewhere in their closet. These candidates are people. Human beings, and no one is perfect. For years no one gives a damn about them. Even those involved with their scandals, until ....... the person becomes a candidate. Now we ask, did you pay your taxes, this question coming from millions of people who pay an accountant to screw the government. But that's okay, they aren't running office.

Answer me this, why didn't anyone care for years about what they did with someone, but once the money train leaves the station, it's "All Aboard." What makes this worse, is the timing. Do you really expect me to believe that during an entire campaign, no one comes forward until the eleventh hour. GIVE ME A BREAK!

This past presidential election campaign was a farce. All you heard about was locker room talk, deleted emails, and questionable actions and decision. What the hell happened to the issues. Oh yes, people remembered what they wanted to. Mostly the scandals, not the issues. The truth is, the news, and many people of this country should be ashamed of themselves. If you have been around you should know that no one candidate is perfect. Never will be. The way most people vote is subjective at best.

In closing. This is the bottom line., The plain and simple truth. You don't have to agree, you don;t have to like it. I am not seeking anyone's approval. Our campaigning and election process is skewed. It is influenced by to many outside sources and organizations. Thus, affecting the voters. Is it really a bad idea not to have political parties and force our candidates to campaign based on the issues and their merits? Leaving the big influencing money behind? Is it a bad idea to force our voters to listen to a candidate, rather than a party? I think the worse thing that can happen is we hear more of the truth, and less of the fiction. People will be better informed when they walk into voting area. This is just one person's opinion. Notice, I said this was not going to be a bashing session, and it was not. We have a system that has been in place for decades. Tradition does not mean it's the best or most efficient way. If we do not want to be stagnant, we need to grow and adapt to better things.

Why won't anything like this ever happen? Easy. TO MUCH BIG MONEY RUNNING IT. The words, "By the people, for the people," used to have meaning. Not so much anymore. Our society has lost to many independent thinkers, and people who support human growth. Intelligence is now a threat, not something that's welcomed. The system is broken. Follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter - @caesarrondina, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. Also, I have added more writing courses that are available on That link goes directly to my instructor page. Please feel free to post a comment below. God bless america. Thank you ... CJR

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