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5 Ways To Make It Through The Day


Now do you make it through the day? Let's face it, some days are more difficult than others. However, there are ways to make it through every day with going home from work with a headache, or having the kids drive you crazy, or your partner sending you up a wall. Although there are more than five, these five could be the main key that helps you survive the day.

1. Start the day with a positive attitude,

2. Plan your day knowing that plan could change,

3. Understanding,

4. Don't take everything so seriously,

5. Laugh

Some of these may sound silly, however, the human brain works in different ways and produces different chemicals and hormones that cause a desired effect. That's briefly talk about each one. The main goal is to reduce as much daily stress as possible. That is your 'touchdown' of each day that helps you win the game.

Start your day with a positive attitude - When you are positive, it is easier to block the negative. Yes, negative things will happened every day but a positive attitude will cause you to look at them, and approach them differently.

Plan your day knowing that plan may have to change - Your day should be planned knowing that your plan may have to be adjusted, and some things may not get done. That is why we have tomorrow. When things we plan go astray, it causes frustration. Once you allow frustration to set in, the rest of your day is shot to hell, and leads to stress. Stress causes impatience, it causes your heart rate and blood pressure to go up as a result of the additional adrenaline your body is producing which leads to physical symptoms. Nervousness, headaches, and more. Keep in mind, the best plans change. When that happens, simply prioritize and get done what needs to get done, and the rest flows over into tomorrow. Use your sense of urgency for matters that are urgent.

Understanding - Understanding is the key that unlocks the door to a better day. Listen, life is not all about you. It may be your boss, your children, your partner. Everyone has their own priorities. Let's use a day where the school is cancelled and your kids are home all day. The weather is bad so they are stuck inside. UNDERSTAND. They will get bored. When children get bored who do they come to? YOU. You're busy, you start to get aggravated, and off to the races you go. All they need is to be kept occupied with something fun to do. Cleaning their room, or giving them chores is not fun for them. Therefore, you need to understand they will get frustrated. When I found myself in that situation with my kids, I would give them something to do that kept them busy, was fun, and would not create such a mess that would be a pain to clean up. I had three. So I bough three turkey basters. You know, the type with a plunger to suck up the juice and spread over the bird. It was jello making time. I would pour warm water into three bowls. One for each color and child. I would let them mix their favorite jello color in the warm water. You would be surprised how long they would stir it. While they were doing this, I would continue doing what I needed to do. When it was time, I would place the jello glasses on the table for them and give them each a turkey baster. They would suck up their jello and put it in their jello cups. The basters were small so it took them some time. When done, in the refrigerator they went. They laughed, had fun, and it distracted them from being bored leaving me time to do what I needed to do. By the time they were done, they went off to play. It's not the specific task here that counts, it's the concept of understanding what I needed to do to make it easier, and get my things done. With work, s similar concept applies. The needs of the business may change, so knowing you may have to change gears should not frazzle you.

Don't take is so seriously - Often times when things change it's not personal. So don't take it that way. When something changes we think is a personal attack against us and it can lead to great frustration and the merry-go-round starts.

Laugh - Learn to laugh about things. Laughing produces hormones that reduces stress and effects other parts of our body and brain functions, thus reduces stress, and stopping that merry-go-round in it's tracks.

In closing - Everyone will find different ways to that work for them to make it through their day. There is no right or wrong way to accomplish this. These suggestions are concepts of attitude. How we look at things in order to reduce the stress and anxiety that every day will certainly bring to each of us. Experiment. Find out what works for you and practice it. Make it part of your daily routine. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Twitter - @caesarrondina, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. You can also visit my YouTube channel - Caesar Rondina Author.

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