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"Between The Lines"

Year End Message

Before I begin, I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, and I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year as well as Happy Holidays for all faiths. Thank you to all that follow and read my blog posts. 2018 has been a busy year with four books being released. Since this will be the last post for 2018, we must now look onward as we approach 2019. Never lose hope.We should embrace every opportunity to better ourselves as individuals, as well as a society. Nothing happens overnight, and any form of change takes time. However, nothing can occur until the effort is made. To often, problems go unattended because so many believe someone else is going to do it. However, when looking at the bigger picture, the global problems we face each day, will not be solved by waiting for someone else to start it. Each of us need to be part of proactive thinking in order institute change. My New Year's wish for 2019 is that each and every person will step back a moment and see what part they can play in making our world a better and safer place. From each country, to every street corner where you live. In 2019, my blog posts will continue with three written posts, and one video post each month. I am also open to topic suggestions. Please feel free to email me with your suggestion. Alone, you could move a stone. Together, we can move a mountain.

Is It Just A Word?

The word between, means a mid-way point. A point half way between two points. It can apply to a physical state of being, a mental thought, and the written word. As with most other words, its meaning can be bent, twisted, or turned by how it is used, and how others perceive its use. Many times, it is used to place a label on someone. A label that sends the message this person can never make a decision. They are always walking on the top of the fence, until one day, the fall on one side or the other. Oh yes, many different interpretations.

A Positive

As a writer, my primary use of the word is to make a reader need to read between the lines. Writing a story that has a hidden message. Where is the interest in a story if a writer spells it all out for you. The beauty in this art of writing is knowing different people may view the underlying story differently. That is where the writer must take careful aim. How many times have you and some of your friends followed the same TV series? After the last show, things are usually meant to be kept up in the air, a cliffhanger if that is what you wish to call it, in order to have people look forward to the next season. In this example, how many times have you and your friends had a completely different opinion of the ending? That is the art of writing, and what I call in between the lines.

A Negative

So far we have talked about the positive effects of using this word. However, every coin has a flip side. There can be negative effects as well. There are times when a message must be clear and concise. Leaving no room for individual interpretation. In a book, that may be accomplished by making definitive statements because that is exactly what the writer wants to reader to know. In life, people have a difficult time saying something that is negative to someone else. A good example might be when someone is ending a relationship. Rather then get right to the point so the intent is very clear, they beat around the bush and talk around the topic. One of the biggest problems with inter-communications skills is, we know what we mean, and we expect that no matter how we put it, the other person will know what we mean. That my friends, is the farthest from the truth. When statement(s), are left open ended, you are now putting your message in the hands of how someone else perceived what you said, versus what you meant. At some point you will ask yourself, "Why didn't they get it?" The real question should be, DID I SAY IT CORRECTLY!


Out of the millions of words in our language, why did I chose "between?" I choose that word because that is what 2018 was. A year of being between things. Politics, relationships, work, pleasure, or you name it. It is the same each year, however 2018 was different. Out countries political state is highly controversial, much moire than normal. Female abuse has won the headlines throughout the year. Violence, protest, as well as all the other things that have highlighted in 2018. What message was really sent? Was it definitive and concise, or were all these issues talked around. No one person wanting to choose a side, take a stand, so they place themselves "between" the issues. To sum it up, it is fine for a writer to play with words and place their reader between reality, and trying to figure out the mystery. However, in the real world, that created chaos, mistrust, and controversy, all not being the most popular of choices. I remember in my communications class in college, my professor said, "Words are not meant to be used as they are defined, that are used as a tool. A tool to get a point across. When used properly, the point is made. When not, it is simply a game of manipulation, and some are better at it than others." As I faced the world after school, I found that to be very true.

My Final Thought

My newest book, "A Woman's Fear - Female Abuse, was just released. A riveting and impactful topic revolving around Prevention and Awareness as true stories are told by the courageous woman that were victims of various types of female abuse. Domestic violence, female abuse, emotional abuse, depression, child abuse, sex trafficking are some of the topics discussed. Independent book review wrote, "This ia heartbreaking yet heartwarming book. I did not believe a man could write such an inpactful book until I reviewed it." - J.K. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Author House bookstore and more. For me, this is my most passionate topic. Here are a couples of links to the book.

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Please feel free to leave a comment below. I wish you all a happy, safe, and prosperous New Year.

Thank you ... CJR

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