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It's A New Year

Well it is now 2019. Do you ever feel that at the beginning of each new year, there is something you need to do? In reality, there is not. However, we are raised always hearing about "New Year's Resolutions." What we are going to change or try to accomplish in this brand new year. What things we are going to put behind us. Therefore, it is natural to fell that you need to do something, anything. Did you know that less than 10% of people that make new year's resolutions actually fulfill them? Yet, we make them every year, with the best of intentions of course.

The concept:

It is a great concept because it is great to start a new year with a positive attitude, however, there is only one flaw. We never really close out the previous year. Many doors still remain open once that new year hits us in the face. However, the actual concept is actually more psychological than physical, and is a quite positive way to start each new year. Some of the common resolutions are:

  • Quit smoking,

  • Spend more time with family,

  • Work less,

  • Make less mistakes, or not repeat the same ones,

  • Spend less time on my phone or social media (Now that one cracks me up).

These are just a few. There are thousands. The point is. when you look at that list, you can see the ones that are simply not realistic, whereas, others are. The question is, will someone, or even you, really look to change? I make the same resolution each year. Work less. I fail each year. Not because I love working more, because I get new ideas. A thought for another book. All of which leads to more work. Maybe the4 real question is, when is enough, enough. When are you happy with enough being enough?

My first video blog post will be next week on January 10th. Don't miss it because it be on two very import subjects. The media, and what is enough. Good things to know going into any new year.

What's next:

So what exactly do we do with a new year? First, we do not slam ourselves for what we did the year before. We take it as a learning experience for the now, and the future. We learn from it. Everyone makes mistakes, and you will make many more. Just try not to make the same ones. Some things to consider:

  • Keep a positive outlook - positive thoughts bring positive things and reduces stress

  • Do not expect more than is possible - "No expectations, No disappointments." That is true in a perfect world, but we all have expectations. The key is not to inflate them. Be realistic.

  • Learn not to worry about the things you can't control - focus on the things you can control

  • Be happy with what and who you are - Know when things are enough for you. Raising the bar is good, raising it again after you reach it is also good. The problems arise when you set unrealistic goals. Goals you cannot, and know you cannot reach. You have only set yourself up for disappointment. (There will be more on this in my video blog post next week.)

  • Set your own tone - In many cases, and for most people, our degree of self-gratification comes from the tome we set for ourselves. As an example. I have you ever heard this phrase? When you think you look good, you feel good. That is very accurate. You have placed yourself in a positive and confident state of mind.

  • What about others? - Remember what I said about not worrying about things yo9u can not control? You can not, and should not try to control others. People are individuals. They have traits and characteristics that apply to them, as much as yours apply to you. You can either accept them for who and what they are, or move on. The biggest dilemma most people face in relationships, yet, with the right attitude, one of the easiest things to fix.

  • Goals - We all start each day with some form of a goal Even if we do not say it, or consciously think about it, we have them. That leads us to have expectations. At the end of each day, if you feel you did not hit that bullseye, you are now faced with disappointment. That is a self-limiting and harmful mixture. BE AWARE of what you are trying to accomplish. Know what is realistic and what is not. Also, know that many times you cannot and will not reach it in one day. To keep yourself focused, take your goal and turn it into a plan and strategy. Make each step in that plan realistic to meet. Set yourself up to succeed, not to be disappointed.


These are just a few things to keep in mind as you start your new year. Honestly, if we all think back, we can all see where at all we started in the correct direction, and suddenly took a wrong turn. That is why we call them life lessons.

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Thank you, and Happy New Year .... CJR

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