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What Are Sore Subjects and Why?

Sore subjects are any subject that is sensitive to others; as an individual, or a group. People are opinionated, meaning, people care about something and are decisive. One can be a perfectly nice, polite person while holding strong opinions. Judging is sometimes a term used to mean a person being critical of another person personally. An opinionated person (like a movie critic) can still be very open- minded about other people. The question is, are people really like that, or do they take it personally. Almost a form of an attack on them. Alexander Hutzler from Newsweek wrote an excellent article on 6/19/18 headlined as, "Americans Can't Tell The Difference Between Fact and Opinion." Click on the headline to access the link.

It is true. A Pew Research study showed that "1 in four American adults could, practically speaking, tell the difference between factual statements and opinion. " I believe this because in some blog posts I state facts. I clearly state they are facts and back it up with the links to where the data was obtained. Yet, I will receive an email stating that it's just my opinion. When you are conversing with people that cannot tell the difference, you now are speaking to someone who is opinionated. Therefore, if the Pew research study is accurate, that must mean the same amount of Americans are opinionated. I think that makes sense, do you? Looking at the meaning of opinionated, you could certainly have a great conversation with the other Americans. However, you will argue with the rest. Can you really win? It's a crapshoot, and dear Mr. Murphy's Law will probably have you in the wrong percentile group of people.

Think about it. How many social gatherings, weddings, dinners, company events, or family picnics, have you attended that your fun was ruined over a conversation that got out of hand? The truth is, it will probably never change. Opinionated people are usually a result of what they saw growing up. They certainly were not born that way. Therefore, it's a learned behavior. It could be about ANY subject. ESPECIALLY POLITICS. Believe it or not, the top two sore subjects people become opinionated about are POLITICS and RELIGION, including their sub-topics such as taxes, abortion, and others. Of course, there are many more. Think back on all the things that turned into family arguments or arguments with friends. I'll bet the majority of them were about one, or both of those subjects.

Oh my, what do we do? First, do not be an opinionated person. Always keep an open mind. There are more views in the world other than your own. Don't always try to be the one that WINS the argument. Whenever I sense I am having a conversation with someone that is opinionated, I'd rather change the subject. It makes no sense for me to try to understand their point when I know they will not try to understand mine, and it will always end up in an argument. To continue is simply a recipe for failure. Are you strong enough to do that? It can get quite interesting when two opinionated people are having a conversation and disagree. At times, as I'm sure you have, I have seen it come to an exchange of fists. I mean, just look at some of the political protests over the past two years, and now, and what has it changed? NOTHING. Things of that nature rarely do.

The better person is NOT always the person who wins the debate. Sometimes the better person is the one who knows when debating is a waste of time. Please feel free to leave a comment below. Follow me on Facebook - Caesar Rondina Author, Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor, and Twitter - @caesarrondina.

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Thank you ..... Caesar Rondina

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