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"Everyone Is Different"

An April fools day post without a prank. My bad. This is the first blog post of the new schedule. The topic is by request, and that individual asked to not be named. I pride myself in respecting the privacy of those that email me, or subscribe to my blog. You can always subscribe to my blog by clicking THIS LINK. We never share or sell our email lists. Your privacy is paramount and safe.

My blog posts will now be going out each Monday night at 8:30 pm EST with a video blog post on the second Monday of each month. Next week is my video blog post. The topic for my video blog post will be, HOW TO INSPIRE OTHERS. Like tonight, that topic is by request. The individuals for both topics asked to be unnamed. Now for tonight's topic.

When thinking about this topic, it raised some interesting thought. What do you think is the biggest failure among people? Wow, you are amazing. Correct, FAILURE TO COMMUNICATE. Why is that? Most everyone has gone to school. They know the words and can speak. Therefore, why is it so hard for people to communicate? The topic of this blog post is the answer. "EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT." No two people are alike. This means they perceive things differently, understand things differently, express themselves differently, and everyone thinks they are right. Put it all together, and we end up with a failure to communicate.

WHY? That is the key question. If everyone can speak the same language, knows and understands the words, communicating should be easy. It is not. Because people are different, they are unique to themselves. Meaning, they make their own rules. Perceive things their way, and often times present themselves in a manner that reflects their perception, rather than actual perception. Look at these two pictures.

What do you see? Are there 3 or 4 beams on the left? Is it a six, or a nine on the right? Actually, in each picture both parties are correct. It all depends on how you are viewing it. In this case, since you are neither on one side or the other, it is how you perceive it. Most people believe that perception and viewpoint are one in the same. They are not. I believe this example shows they are completely different and will vary depending on the situation. Those two words, and what I have demonstrated in these pictures, show the main reason why people have a hard time communicating with one another. Since I have shown that everyone is different, what do you think might be the best way to solve this escalating dilemma?

THE ANSWER: The answers are quite simple, yet, the hardest things to do.

  • LISTEN: Listen to the other person. Don't only hear what you want to hear. Hear what they are saying.

  • UNDERSTAND: Understand what they are trying to say by looking at the situation through their eyes.

  • ACCEPTANCE: Accept the fact that you are not always right, and someone else can also have a valid point and opinion. Accept that people see things differently. In their eyes, they are right.

Imagine for a moment a world where people could do this. How many wars may not have been fought, how many relationships might have been saved. The list goes on. Do I expect the world will come to this? No way. Do I expect that people who interact with one another can achieve this? Absolutely. Everyone is different, everyone perceives things differently, and sees things differently. Once you listen, understand, and accept, you will still be different but with one exception. You will now be able to communicate.

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Happy reading. Thank you .... Caesar Rondina

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