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A World Of Expression


Oh yes. We live in a world of expression. Those involved with any form of entertainment, live in the same world, but different. Expression is anything a person does to express,or convey their feelings. Their goal is to make others understand what they are feeling or trying to say. The ultimate goal is acceptance. This can be accomplished through music, acting, painting, writing, and more. Actions are a major source of expression because actions encompass more many tools of expression. However, the key to being successful while expressing yourself, is to understand perception. We must understand that our perception is not the only one. People perceive things differently. To make your point, or have others understand your perception of something is solely dependent on your ability to express yourself effectively.


Isn't it funny that there is a trick to almost anything. The reality is, the common denominator in all of them is to KEEP THINGS SIMPLE. Any meaning starts to get lost when it becomes complicated. Keep in mind that you know what message you want to send. You task is to send that message so others see it the same way. The more complicated you make it, the more room you have left for others perceptions.

Rule #1: Keep the choices to a minimum,

Rule #2: Be sure of exactly what you are trying to express,

Rule #3: Look at things through the eyes of others

The three basic rules to be sure that what you are trying to express is being perceived as you meant it. Think about any time you have taken a multiple choice test. If you had to chose being "A" and "B," it was much easier then when you had 4 or 5 choices. Hence the slag, "Multiple guess test." The more you give someone to chose from, the more complicated the process becomes for them. This becomes quite important for writers who write a murder mystery or crime novel where there is a main plot, and sub-plots. You never want a sub-plot to take away from the theme of the main plot, anymore then you want supporting characters to take away from the main characters. If you were to look and actually study a good painting, you will find a main them to the picture. Everything else, all the other colors, are such that they support the main theme of the picture. Music, acting, and others, work the same way. In a song, you may not remember the chorus, but you remember the main theme of the song. There are many other examples.


To achieve success when you create an expression, you must stay focused on the main message you are trying to send. As you become less focused, the message you are trying to send becomes confusing, which will cause others to have to try to perceive what you are trying to say. Remember, everyone has different perceptions. Now you message is confused. It may have the best intentions, but be perceived improperly, hence, the wrong message is received. I ask you, how many times in your life have you had to say, "I didn't mean it that way." If you realize you are saying that many times, you need to work on how you express yourself. review the three basic rules, and see which one you are breaking, and work on that. When I teach instructor courses for any discipline, one of the things I work on within the class is their communications skills. In order to be understood, you must communicate properly and express yourself accordingly.


Many good movie went on the selve as a flop, not because the acting was bad, because the story was not told properly. OK, yes, at times, the acting was bad. This applies to your life in many ways. First, do not try to be ab actor. Be yourself. Express yourself properly. Do not be so focused an acceptance that you send the proper message. Not the message YOU are trying to send. Am I writing any here that you do not already know? Of course not. However, what I am doing it bringing these concepts to the forefront of your mind, with the hopes that you will settle down, take your time, and get it right. People have a tendency to remember what they hear and see first. Have you ever heard this saying, "Be careful what you say. Once you say it, you can't take it back?" To a large degree that is true. You realize you screwed up, you try to back peddle and fix it, people hear you, but what they first heard is stuck in their head. You are no different when the tables are turned, and you are on the receiving end.


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Happy reading. Thank you .... Caesar Rondina

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