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This week is more of an informational blog post. You may or may not know that I am a guest contributor on It's a strong platform whereas people can ask questions and receive answers. On a normal day, I receive 15 - 25 questions regarding writing and even more on business. Most times, I answer them all, however, I pass on the ones that I feel I am not qualified to answer. I also receive 5-10 emails a day through this, my official website, from new or aspiring writers that have questions. In life you learn that you always need to pay things forward. It is not just a take it all world. This past week through Quora and my website, I received three questions as to why those who write a blog do not allow a guest blog post and why. Let's take a look at that.

First let me state that I DO ALLOW quests to post a blog on a topic they wish to write about with some basic rules. Credit is given to the author who submitted the post.

1. I must approve of the content. I will not allow inappropriate topics to be discussed on my blog,

2. I do not change the content without the writers approval, I may make a suggestion and pass it along, but the final decision it up to the writer of the blog.

3. I do not under any circumstances allow racial, sexual, or discriminatory comments on my blog,

4. The blog must be limited to 1500 words or under, which is the average for most blogs,

5. The post needs to be submitted to me via email with an attachment in WORD format by emailing me directly at I do not accept attachments through the CONTACT tab on the main menu.

6. Any information the writer wants to share such as their website, email address, name, or other information must be included in the blog post document.

7. I only that you subscribe to my blog posts and share the link you receive when you receive a notification of a blog post. Helping one another to increase visibility is a two-way street. This NOT a requirement, only a request.

8. You blog post will be posted within two weeks of receiving it, possibly three if changes are required.

Now it's up to you if you wish to submit a topic you wish to write about.


There are a few reasons. Many blog posts are tailored to one specific topic. Therefore, it is not a diversified blog. However, most blogs do allow comments. Another reason is because some folks are trying to develop their own credibility and exposure. It's not personal against any write, it's a simple matter of what the goals are for the person who writes their blogs.


There are many different types of blogs. For example, if someone writes a fashion blog, that blog will revolve around fashion. The writer may not not someone else's opinion on that subject. That holds true for every blog that is specific to one blog topic, whether it be politics, or any other topic. Also, a blog writer has a plan for their blog. They take their readers through different stages as the blog posts develop. In my case, I write what is known as a diversified blog. That means, I do not follow any one topic. I mix up my blogs with self-help topics, current events, and other topics of interest. I do not want to limit my audience to one specific type of individual. Some topics I write about get a fair amount of views, and others get many views. My blog last week about divorce came close to the highest number of views of any blog post I have written. I also feel this gives the readers a chance to read about a topic that interests them. My blog post are never deleted so an individual can scroll back to view which ever ones they want to read.


Because I write a diversified blog, it is easier for me to accept a guest blog from another writer as long as it follows the parameters previously listed. Therefore, if you are a writer and wish to post a guest blog, you are welcome to send it to me. When I promote my weekly blog, your will be credited in the post for easy verification, as well as in the blog itself. Finally, please feel free to share my blog posts on your social media sites. Every little bit helps.


I recently published a new tutorial on the Udemy educational platform. The topic is,


Life Through A Mirror-When Murder Calls, This murder mystery trilogy is now complete and available in Print, E-book, and Audiobook.

A Woman's Fear-Female Abuse is a must read for every woman, and yes, even men.

All my books are available on all major online bookstores.

This year we have branched out and opened a video production company, Altech Videos. We produce video book trailers, business ads, and speaker introductions.

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Thank you ..... Caesar Rondina

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