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Greeting all. For those who participated in the Halloween festivities, I hope everyone had an enjoyable time. It makes me think back to when I was younger. Yes, I know, only five or six years ago right? Well ... not so much. However, in life, there are always things that bring us back to memories. Hopefully good ones, but sometimes, not so good. As you all know, I openly welcome writings from those who would like to be a guest blogger. Really, you have to get tired of hearing from me. I would like to introduce Brandon C. Allen. For over twenty-years, Brandon has been a web writer, story writer, blogger, and has written poetry. He submitted a very nice piece on the topic of Nostalgia that I wanted to feature and share with you. Thank you, Brandon for a wonderful piece.


by Brandon C. Allen

Nostalgia- a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past. Typically, for a period or place with happy personal associations.

Nostalgia is a very powerful thing. It is always there. It just needs a little nudge now and then. It can become known in so many ways. Through seeing an old friend or hearing that certain song that was playing when you held the hand of your first teen crush. There has been songs written about this topic: "Nothing like a melody to bring back the memory take you to another place and time, completely change your state of mind."-Clint Black-country singer.

I personally have had a smell, a song; a memory that hit me so hard at times with so much nostalgia it nearly brought me to my knees. Those are powerful sensations.

For myself I have come to realize that the biggest moments where I have felt Nostalgic have been centered during the holidays, weddings, family reunions, and sadly funerals. I was born in 1974. I grew up in the 1980s. My fondest memories are from this decade. My father was raised in the 60s, and my Grandfather in the forties.

I remember my Grandfather telling me about driving on a concrete road for the first time. He explained this to me in vivid detail, even though when he told me he was eighty-one years old at the time. His memories were from sixty-three years ago. I could see the nostalgia in his eyes.

When we lose a friend or family member, an old class-mate, or someone we crossed paths with for numerous reasons to the grip of death, we often find ourselves reminiscing of our fondest memories we shared with them.

Earlier, I mentioned the holidays. For me, these are my fondest childhood memories. However, I have others such as; making popped corn and spreading out a quilt in the living room watching The Wizard of Oz. All these things and more are what compile our family memories. To this day, no other movie brings out the child in me such as that one.

I love everything there is about Christmas. The decorations, movies, music and the message. I love to give. I honestly love giving ten times more than receiving.

Every year when fall starts to settle in, I already have Christmas on my mind. It’s that time of the year right now as I write this. It starts with Halloween, (love that holiday as well,) then of course Thanksgiving. I have many fond memories centered around Thanksgiving as well.Then comes the icing on the cake; Christmas. Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps.

My younger brother was telling me not long ago that he pictured a certain baseball mitt he had gotten from our stepbrother when he was young. He pictured the mitt and imagined the leather smell. It took his mind back to that time and place and overwhelmed him with so much emotion that he sobbed.That is how a memory can bring on a powerful feeling and sense of nostalgia.

The Two Faces

Of course, there is always two sides. Unfortunately, there are certain things that may trigger an unpleasant memory or feeling that buried many years ago. However, I feel that in the majority of cases Nostalgia is associated with positive and happy feelings.

For others, I have interviewed on the topic, as well as myself, there is one minor side effect. That side effect is the acceptance of time. The majority of these memories that trigger nostalgia are from when we were younger as adults, teens, and even as a very young child.

Unfortunately, as we age, these memories become further and further away from our present day conscious thoughts. However, they remind us of faraway places and days gone by. Our past can only be revisited through our fondest memories. Therefore, if you are of the same mind-set as I, whenever you have that moment when something triggers a wonderful memory encapsulated with a wonderful dose of nostalgia. Please take a moment to acknowledge the moment and enjoy it to the fullest.

Brandon C. Allen

I would like to again thank Brandon for sharing this topic and his thoughts and story with us.


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