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Pursuing Your Passion - Do You Have One?


We hear a great deal about "passion." Everyone says, do what you love to do, or follow your passion. Do you know what that means, or do you even have a passion? Many people confuse a "passion" with something in life that you are dedicated to. Your life's work. Are you a research scientist trying to figure out the universe, or a chemist trying to develop a pill to cure disease? Do those jobs have a higher ranking on the "passion" scale than yours?


A passion is something, anything, that you have a strong and barely controllable emotion towards. For an artist, it is painting, for a musician, it's music, for a writer, it's writing. Basically, a "passion" is anything that you feel this strong and barely controllable emotion about. It's yours, you own it. Therefore, it holds as high a spot on the passion scale as anyone else's. One passion is not more important than another. However, the value it brings to society may be more important, but we're not talking about the value of your passion, just the passion itself.


I speak to many people. When they ask me is writing is my passion, I reply yes, but boating is also my passion. Neither of which never come before my family. You can have more than one passion in life. Passion is like anything else in your life. It MUST have its place. Only you can determine where yo9ur passion fits into your life. What you feel passionate about should never rule your life. When your passion rules your life, it is now called an "OBSESSION." An obsession is something you can not control. How do we know the difference? Let's use politics as an example. You may have a passion for politics and believe in the party you belong to. Which is perfectly fine. You should be able to discuss politics and respect the views of others. However, when you reach a point when you will stop talking to friends, family, or alienate people, you no longer have a passion, you have an obsession.

Another example might be, you feel passionate about the relationship you are in with your partner. Again, this is normal. However, if you are the type that must control that person or the relationship, you now have an obsession. Passions are healthy, obsessions are not.


No rule or law says every individual must have a passion. You could be the time that like many things, not one more than another. Again, this is perfectly fine. The most important thing to remember is this:

Not everyone will share your passion, and no one is required to. It's what you do with your passion and how it affects others that matters.

Let me give you an example. I love to write. It is a passion. However, I love boating. That is also a passion. I have owned a boat since I was old enough to get a bank loan. Did every woman I dated have the same passion for boating as I? Of course, NOT. Therefore, as a person, you should realize that a healthy passion WILL survive compromise. In the summer, I would always prefer to be on my boat over a family picnic, but that is not realistic. Passion or not, life is not a one-way street. Therefore, when you are pursuing your passion, be sure you are not placing higher on your list of priorities than it should be. If you are finding yourself getting into arguments with your partner about what you are passionate about, maybe it is time to re-evaluate whether you have a passion or an obsession. Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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