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Let's Talk IMPEACHMENT - What ticks you off?


Impeachment. Doesn't that sound like a nasty word? Well, the4 fact it, it is. However, sometimes like many nasty words, a necessity evil. To fully grasp this post, you MUST have the ability to put aside your personal feelings. Let's face it. President Trump is no different from many other people. Sometimes in life, you may like someone as a person for a variety of reasons. The bottom line is, it is a normal human reaction and part of our right to freedom of choice. We can choose who we like and who we do not like for whatever reason(s) we choose. With that said, for the purpose of this post, I ask you to try to put your political affiliations and personal feelings aside. Although, contrary to the way some believe, in this post I am not speaking about President Trump as a man, person, or political affiliation. If I did this as most media does, I would be accused of being just as biased as anyone else. The difference is, I can talk about a subject without bias and look at it for what it is. Can you? I will be addressing the reality of the impeachment proceedings. No one has to like it, but when it comes to reality, you should be able to accept it. Look at it like two teams playing game. You may dislike the guest team and want your home team to win. However, if they lose, you should never take away their time, dedication, and skill, that caused them to win. You must give them that, even though you do not like them. Moving on.


No two things in life are the same. Each has its own characteristics. I stay away from political arguments because honestly, there are very few that can intelligently discuss the topics without it turning into a conversational blood bath, and yes,m I have seen it get physical. I ask you, is that an intelligent way to communicate? Use the last election campaign as an example. How many family members or friends do you know that no longer speak due to their political views and opinions? Does this make sense to you? Personally, I think it makes no sense at all. I have family members who wanted Hillary Clinton to win. It's their right and I respect it. However, they feel so strongly about it I know we cannot discuss politics because of their personal views and inability to separate those views from the facts. I WILL NOT jeopardize arguing over it for the following reasons:

1. We cannot immediately change what is,

2. No one else's personal life affects mine unless I allow it to,

3. People have a right to their own opinions,

4. The news media has a tendency, and I use that word lightly, to be biased. Therefore, most do not understand the behind the scenes' dynamics of politics because they are watching a possibly biased opinion,

5. I WILL NOT jeopardize my relationship with my family and close friends over political views. That is not only immature, unproductive, and against everything I believe in, it's down right ridiculous.

I stated earlier that no two things are the same. That is true. Therefore, no two impeachments are the same. This is not the first impeachment proceedings in our countries history. What do you think is so different about this one?

In the Nixon and Clinton impeachment, the initial hearings to impeach did follow a party-line vote. For those that do not understand what that means. Simply put, a partisan vote or party-line vote is when both parties, the Democrats and the Republicans, stick to their party lines. Meaning, all Democrats vote the same, and all Republicans vote the same. Therefore, whichever party has more members wins the vote.

Regarding the impeachment of President Nixon, the initial vote to proceed also followed party-line votes. However, it took nearly two years and it took some time for the Replications to go against President Nixon. When that occurred, as we all know, this eventually resulted in his impeachment.

With President Clinton, there was not a partisan vote. It was a bi-partisan vote because the charges were perjury (lying under oath), and others. Charges that were easily proved without dispute. No he said she said arguements. In both cases, the charges were more severe, and the evidence was overwhelming. Objectively think about this question for a moment. Is that the case with President Trump?


Although in my closing comments, I will share only my thoughts. My opinions are mine and do not influence the purpose of this post. Therefore, in the interest in not getting off-topic, the preceding was just a reminder of history and a point of reference.


1. Many follow the thinking that the Democrats never accepted the election results and have targeted President Trump since the election. That has been openly said on almost every news network It's not a secret. The reality being, it is a matter of opinion. However, opinions should be based on facts, occurrences, and events. Not a person's indiviual feelings about an individual. When personal feelings enter the equation, no one can be unbiased, and it simply is not fair to whomever the trageted individual is.

2. Can any of us trust the media? Anyone with a brain in their head can see that certain networks favor one political party, and others another other political party. It is human nature for people to follow the networks that mirror their allegiance. However, I ask you to consider this. IS ANY FORM OF UNBIASED REPORTING PROVIDING THE PEOPLE LISTENING THE COMPLETE STORY? The first and primary danger with any form of bias.

3. The initial vote for impeachment WAS A PARTISAN VOTE. No one crossed party lines. Therefore, in Congress, there are more Democrats than Republicans, meaning, it resulted in a party-line vote, it was well known that a vote to impeach would be YES.

4. The Senate has more Republicans than Democrats. Therefore, doesn't it makes sense that if a party-line vote occurs in the Senate, which most believe will happen, the impeachment will not be upheld?

5. What is considered classified? There stands the problem with evidence. What is considered classified and what is not, and who makes that choice? Let's face it, anyone under a microscope that has the power to classify anything will always be accused of hiding something. This applies to anyone, whether their name is Trump or Smith. The rules of what is considered classified information should apply regardless of the situation until it is declassified. If anyone thinks for one minute any government is completely transparent, you are living in a fantasy world. Some things MUST be classified for naitional security. Therefore, looking at this logically, again, taking personal feelings and opinios OUT of the equation, this is necessary and therefore, no country is fully transparent. To expect that is also ridiculous.

I can go on, but I believe these are the most pertinent issues.


We have heard the Democrat's side, and are now hearing the Republican's side. If you want to be honest with yourself, it's like an argument between two people. To listen to them alone, they will both sound correct, however, the truth USUALLY sits somewhere in the middle. With all this said, is this a witch hunt or hoax, as our President states? That is for you to decide, but before you do, again, you MUST remove your personal opinions and look at the facts over the past three years.

My thoughts are simple. I do not believe any of this is being done in the interst of the people of our great nation. I see our President as a man that has done some things I think we should all agree are good, and also agree that we may not like other things. However, doesn't that same statement apply to every past President? I firmly believe this is an issue of a political party war. The Democrats and Republicans are at war, and the American people are stuck in the middle. Like it or not, the facts show that since the election, the Democrats have done many things not to support our President. That is not opinion, IT IS FACT. I refuse to answer or say it is a witch hunt or a hoax. I refuse to think of it that way because that would mean I could read the mionds of others, and I cannot. In addition, I am not prevy to all the behind the scenes information that many American believe they are hearing it all on the news. WAKE UP CALL. YOU ARE NOT. There are things the news media does not know.

Oh yes, I'm a writer, and some writers will jump on the bandwagon because any book about our President will be a best seelling book. I am not that type of writer to take advantage like that. My prinicipals and values are greate than my need for money. Don;t you find it interesting that John Bolton;s Book came out right now? Is it a coincidence? I don;t think so. Therefore, I look at the facts. I do believe this party war has delayed many things that might have occurred sooner that would benefit the American people and our country. As President, regardless of what you think of him and his tweets, he is still doing his job and running the country. THAT ALSO IS A FACT.

We elect men and women to these political positions based on what we believe they will do for us. Why us? Because we make up this country. Every decision that is made should be for the benefit of the American people. Back to the media for a moment. Everyone quotes interviews on different networks. Look at them, I have. Most network political programs have a guest speaker that support their view. Once in a while you might see a debate between two guest speakers. That is the exception, not the rule. The media is the STRONGEST influencer on our planet.

Our President opted to take out a general that was a known threat to our country. If the media supported that, the people would. Far too many are led around by a leash and collar by the media. Where did independent thinking go? Soleimani was known for being involved with the planning and killing of hundreds of American soldiers, and God only knows how many civilians. ANOTHER FACT. If there was any question he was planning something, he needed to be taken out.

Representative Brian Mast, a retired Army Ranger, hit the nail on the head when he said the most truthful statement I have heard yet when he referred to the wall of fallen soldiers from the war on terror, he asked,

"Can anyone of you provide me one name on that wall that does not justify his killing?"

This was followed by two minutes of silence. No one would dare answer that question. It would be POLITICAL suicide. I ask you, where was their opinions when they were asked? Who would? View the clip. It only takes 4 minutes to view the truth.

Remember, facts should never come second to opinions. I truly believe our political parties need to remember this and remember why they were elected. They were not elected for their own personal agendas. They were elected for our agenda, for the benefit of the American people. Do the events of the past three years show that is happening? We live in a divided and embarrassed nation. Is that in the best interest of the American people? Is that what we want? Just some things think about. Thank you ...

Caesar Rondina


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