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What Delusions Do You Live With?


Do you have delusions? What is a delusion? Are they normal, and why? Three good questions, but first, you have to be honest with yourself. In my image promotion for this blog post I quote a line from the movie A Few Good Men. Jack Nicholson makes the statement under oath, "You can't handle the truth." Is that true? Can people handle the truth? Let's find out. Some wo9rds come with a stigma. Delusion is one of them, mostly, because the word and it's extensions, are rarely used in a positive light.


The fact is, each truth is different and truth is perceived differently by people. Is the truth really the truth, or is it the truth we want it to be? As a people, we might be able to handle the truth on some things but not others. The reality is, people cannot handle the truth as much as you think, and yes. This includes you and me. In September 2018, Taya R. Cohen wrote an excellent article about this. Here is the link. Link To Article.

Basically, people can handle the truth when they feel they will not be hurt by the truth. When they feel they might be, the protective mechanisms in our brain kicks in, and we find EXCUSES, or some reason to disclaim the truth. Usually that is accomplished by blaming others and not taking responsibility for owning any part of it. That is our justification for not accepting the truth, which leads to the secondary part of not be able to handle the truth. One kind of goes along with the other. Often times, not be able to handle the truth will still make us feel bad about a particular situation, but we have now subconsciously created a path for us to get through it. The question is, IS IT REAL? Reading this now, you might, and probably will say, "Of course it's real."

Actually, it is not. It's your delusion. Delusion is an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained, despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or a rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

For those of you that do not know what an idiosyncratic belief is, it is a quirky or peculiar, or temperament which is unique to an individual. (Both definitions, courtesy of Google)


Okay, what does all this mean? It means in general, most people cannot handle the truth if it differs or threatens them. Therefore, we create a delusion of the actual facts as a protective mechanism for our feelings, or what we choose not to accept. Think about it. How many times in your life has you seen, experienced, been directly involved with, or been told something, and the very first words out of your mouth were. "NO WAY, THAT CAN'T BE TRUE." The potential damage comes into when we ignore it, and fail to accept it. How many times have you ever dated someone and a friend tells you they saw them with some else? What did you do? You may have confronted them, or not. If you did, I am willing to bet you that you accepted the reason they gave you, regardless of what your friend told you they saw. The reasons, "we're just friends," "nothing happened," "it wasn't planned, we just ran into one another." The list goes on. Most times down the road, you found out the truth in such a way that you could not dispute it. Probably, because you finally witnessed it first hand. Keep in mind, that is just one out of thousands of possible examples, and they are not all relationship based, but the principal remains the same.

This speaks to two terms. The first is something I refer to often. The human condition, which simply speaks to the characteristics of people in general.


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