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Are You Getting What You Need?


I'm looking for your thoughts, don't be shy. Leave a comment. People have needs. For most, they are different, but many are the same. Money, love, success, a new car, etc. Most of what people say they need refer to materialistic things, and that's fine. What about physical needs, emotional needs, and those things which are not materialist? These are the needs that many DO NOT express. Why? Mostly do to embarrassment, shame, and they do not want to appear to be a weak person. During these difficult times, the feelings of need are greatly enhanced. It's good to talk about these type of subjects because it helps those that need it to understand why. We cannot fix anything we do not understand. So let's take a deeper look.


We are now all struggling through difficult times. It's normal that our needs will be greater, or the needs we have will feel more exaggerated. However, what I am referring is what we need during "normal" times, because we will get back to some form of normality. Keep in mind that things affect everyone differently. Emotionally, physically, and form a psychological stand point. The latter is the one that causes the most problems.

For the most part, as people, we can deal with the physical needs, regardless of what they are. The same holds true for our emotional needs. However, these all convert over to psychological issues because regardless of whether we can handle our physical and emotional needs, they will have a role in our mental health. That is what we refer to as the psychological affect things have on us. These effects can include one or more of the following. Depression, anxiety, mood swings, our self-esteem, the way we perceive stress, and our cognitive functioning. For those of you that do not know what cognitive functioning is, it refers to mental abilities such as learning, thinking, reasoning, remembering, problem solving, decision-making, and attention span.

WOW, this gets pretty intense. Yes it does. Therefore, the take home message is, and BTW, this has happened to all of us at one time or another. When you are experiencing these things, if it's for only one particular situation, it is most likely normal. There is nothing wrong with having a hard time making a decision. However, when this affect everything in your life, that's a RED FLAG. You may be experiencing psychological affects secondary to the other things going on in your life.


With any results, we have good ones, and we have not so good ones. These issues can result in poor decisions, family problems, relationship problems, financial problems, or low or self-esteem problems. We all know when we feel good about ourselves we portray ourselves better to others. We are more outgoing, and generally more pro-active with it comes to our life. What's important here is to identify it and do something about it. The solutions could range from talking to someone you trust, to seeking professional help. Like any disease process, if it goes untreated, it can lead to deeper issues. Issues of the mind can turn into a long process to fix because many times it's has a spiraling down effect.

This is now become a large concern during these difficult times because people's limits are being tested. We certainly hope that all will pass the test. However, it is very possible that many will not, and the medical community MUST be ready to handle this. Let's face it, we are people. We work, we go out, and very few just sit around at home. I for one get very frustrated. I am outgoing and quite social, yet, all my speaking engagements that allow me to interact with people, have been cancelled, and rightfully so. Domestic violence is on the rise because people are constantly around each other. They don't get a break. They get frustrated, tempers flare, and things can sometimes get out of control. IF you are single, such as I am, you can't date, if you are dating and one or the other is still working, you probably have converted to a FaceTime relationship. How about sex? How has your sex life changed? For many, sexual encounters is a great way to relieve stress. Yes, some say they can self gratify themselves, but I think we all might agree it's not the same.

Here is what I see a great deal of. People doing things they would not, or do not normally do. They are out of character. That can manifest many ways. Right now, this manifestation is being expressed mostly through social media, because that's where the audience is. You are now seeing many social media arguments amongst friends. Similar to the political debates from 2016, which I am sure we will see again in 2020. During normal times, these are all issues. Now, they are greatly exacerbated.


Keep this in mind. All things in life revolve around PREVENTION and AWARENESS. When we are aware something can happen, we can watch for it and prevent it. Do you think that is the purpose of this post? If you answered yes, you are correct. I want to see your opinions and comments. One of the ways we know whether we are being affected by any of these things is by thinking and writing about them. Therefore, DO NOT BE SHY. Leave a comment. There is no right or wrong here. There is no 100 question quiz at the end. Only your thoughts. Share them.

Thank you .... Caesar Rondina


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