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Cancel Culture and Freedom of Speech.


Here we go again, discussing another highly controversial topic. Highly controversial topics don't scare me. Actually, people who cannot disseminate between facts and opinions should be concerned about what I have to say. Why would that be? It is really quite simple. I keep my opinions out of the equation and write about the facts.

Opinions are just that, a person's individual view on a topic. That view, in most cases, does not represent the facts. In addition, history and time have taught us, although many have not learned the lessons well, the only true way to resolve a conflict is basing it on the facts. However, an additional problem arises when people cannot accept the facts and continue to argue their position based on their opinion. Therefore, the result is a highly controversial topic. One might I add, that is also blown way out of proportion and exploited in every way, shape, or form on all different platforms. In a perfect world, this would never occur because everyone would report without bias or having their opinion influence their writing. We all know this rarely if it ever happens. Not only because it's not a perfect world, but also because everyone wants to get their two cents in. Right, wrong, or indifferent. Media networks cater to their sponsors because the fact is, their sponsors pay their salaries as well as the bills. Therefore, don't piss off your sponsors. I have no sponsors to anger. Therefore, I can call it what it is. I don't have to worry about losing advertising dollars.

Yes, I could take on sponsors. I have been approached many times by those interested in sponsoring my blog in return for advertising. However, this comes with a hitch. That hitch is, they do not want to be part of certain topics I may discuss. Simply put, that does not work for me. I write a diversified blog, meaning I will talk about anything and my writings unless I specifically state that something is my opinion and based on facts and data. In the end, that is where the truth lies.


Let's look at some facts. There are three facts I want to look at are the actual definitions of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, CANCEL CULTURE, and DISCRIMINATION.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH - is the right to express any opinions without censorship or restraint.

CANCEL CULTURE - Cancel Culture is a modern form of ostracism. Someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether online, on social media, or in person. Those who are subject to this ostracism are said to have been "canceled."

(courtesy of Wikipedia)

Read both of those definitions. You DO NOT have to be a rocket scientist to see they are directly in conflict with each other. The next question should be, which holds more weight?

The fact is, the Constitution of the United States ALWAYS HOLD THE TRUMP CARD.

Our First Amendment rights of freedom of speech are paramount and should be applied to all equally and fairly. This is not my opinion, ladies and gentlemen. These are the raw facts. So whoever passed Section 230 in the first place was wrong based on the facts. Here is a link to educate you as to what Section 230 is if you are not aware.

However, the problem does not end with a simple set of definitions because by definition alone, cancel culture loses hands down. However, it is further exacerbated when it also becomes an issue of discrimination. So let us look at the definition of discrimination, again, courtesy of Wikipedia.

DISCRIMINATION - the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex.

Therefore, is it safe to say that if I make a statement or post something on social media and do not get banned for it, and someone else says something to the same effect and does get banned for it, that could be considered discriminatory? Any reasonable mind would answer YES.

That ladies and gentleman, are where the term and the practice of Cancel Culture began and has only gotten worse.


Of course, we all know that issue will ALWAYS be further complicated when we have an issue. When something becomes a nationwide issue, what entity or group of people do you think will complicate it even further? Oh my God, pat yourself on the back. You hit the #1 answer; POLITICIANS. Wait, why would politicians complicate these issues? After all, these are supposed to be honorable men and women who always deal with issues fairly and equally for the benefit of us, their constituents. Again, in a perfect world, that would be true. However, as I stated earlier, we do not live in a perfect world. Therefore, depending on the donors, it depends on whether a politician or a specific political group will side. All of this is critical as to which party controls the House and the Senate. What further complicates the issue is NO TERM LIMITS. Even the President of our great nation can only hold two 4 year terms. Does it make sense that the same should apply to Congressmen and women and Senators?

What happens to new ways of thinking or innovation through the minds of others if the others never get a chance at the golden ring? Does true progress stop? Do newer ideas ever turn into reality or even heard? Let me give you an example, and you decide if it makes sense. If I have a way of thinking, and I hold an office for 20 years, what are the odds that my way of thinking will change, and who is to say that a more youthful and fresh look at an issue would not be better? Well, with no term limits, that scenario is highly and probably most likely to be the case. The other side of that argument is, if someone is doing a good job and keeps getting elected, why should there be term limits? If you believe in that argument, then there should also be no term limits for the President of our great nation because he or she can also be voted out. The purpose of term limits is, so incumbents are less able to use various state institutions to manipulate elections or erode the power of rival branches of government and political adversaries. Also, with term limits, leaders feel more pressure to deliver results and leave a positive legacy from their term. So I ask you, why doesn't;t that apply to Congress?

Progress is based on innovation and new ideas. New ideas come with fresh thoughts on technology and social organizations and well as politics. It is what is referred to as social-cultural evolution. Anything that stays the same too long eventually will become stale. This is the main reason science and technology develop so rapidly. Three are always fresh minds, new ideas, better-educated individuals entering the mix resulting in progress and innovation.


What do the facts reveal? By the pure definition of the words alone, Cancel Culture is a direct violation of a person's first amendment rights. PERIOD. However, if you want me to buy into the rights of Social Media platforms to choose their policies, then make the judgments fair and equal to all. Regardless of race, color, gender, creed, or political affiliation. If that is not accomplished, it results in the rights of many being violated and promotes discrimination. SO I ask you, do these platforms deserve the protection of Section 230. It's that simple. There is no need to complicate the issue with opinions because, in the end, the facts are always the truth, not opinions. Therefore, forget your opinion and look at the facts for a moment. What really hits me n the gut is, social media platforms will censor an individual based on their opinions, yet, the pornography that goes across some of these platforms is disgusting. I'll get a follower request from someone with a naked picture attached, and everything on their post is naked pictures. I immediately block them. However, we must wonder, the ages of children now owning cellphones at even younger ages, is it really OK to allow that on social media platforms? Therefore, should we assume that freedom of expression is Ok, but freedom of speech is not? I guess you can be the judge.

Stay safe and be well. Thank you.

Caesar Rondina


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