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ELECTION 2020 - what are we missing, and did something go wrong?


This week would normally be my video blog post, however, November and December are very busy months for me and I apologize I did not have the time to record it. Therefore, this week is a written post. A quick update on my next book, and new P.I. series, "From The AX Diaries - Trapped In Revenge." This book was due for release at the unfortunate start of the pandemic. Much of the success of a book comes from appearances, events, and other public related appearances such as public speaking events. These events could not be done for most of this year due to the pandemic restrictions, and still cannot be done. In addition, I am closing in on the time when I will be re-locating, which the pandemic also delayed. In view of these occurrences, and after careful consideration, I decided not to release this book in 2020. As soon as things calm down and I am settled, I will be releasing the book and be able to promote it properly. More on this will follow in the future.

Now for this post. Let me start by saying, this post is NOT about Trump or Biden or political parties as some may think. This post is about the system which applies to any political party or individual. It's about our system of voting. It would be very irresponsible of me to comment on the post-state of our recent elections since I do not have all the concrete facts to refer to, and frankly, most news media report it differently and also do not have all the facts. I have never met any lawyer that publicizes their strategy or puts their cards on the table. They save that for court if they actually have the cards. I will make one comment that is factual.


That is an interesting statement. One that is factual as well as true, regardless of who is running or who you personally wanted to win. Also, it is the responsibility of both candidates to support and be sure that any election was exactly that. We don't have to agree with it, but in the end, it is in our best interest regardless of the outcome. The frustration is never easy, and human nature dictates that most people want resolutions. Often time, that takes a little time. BE patient, stay calm, and the chips will fall where they will fall. Now let's get into why.


In my opinion, there should be no polling during an election campaign. Let me ask you, how many times have you done something because so many others do it, therefore, your perception is it must be right. For the past two elections, and more I'm sure, the polls have been wrong. Polling leads some people to vote in the way they feel is presented as popular. However, polls can be controlled. They are dependant on many factors. Primarily, who the polls targets. Those conducting the polls could be targeting only ceratin political parties, ethnic groups, or other groups of individuals, therefore, the information presented may not reflect how the wider majority of people feel. Then there comes the question of out of millions of Americans, how many were polled? I believe who we vote for should be determined by how the candidates running for office campaign, not how the polls and news media present them, which is clearly biased.


Simply put, our election process is skewed. We do not have one election process, we have 50. Each state has the right to determine how an election will take place in their state. I guess one could say in a perfect world, everything would work. However, we do not live in a perfect world. We live in a world that is based on opinions, and God knows there are enough of them.

Basically, we have two types of elections. State elections, which also include local government elections and federal elections. These are elections for federal government positions. Positions such as the President and Vice-President. This year mail-in voting was a new process for many states. I ask you, should there not have been some experimenting with the process in the states this was new to before and election as important as who will lead our country is at stake? The general consensus is that Florida has the best tried and true system, yet, no other state follows it.

In my opinion, there is a more important question. Should a federal election and state election follow the same rules and laws? I think not. In a federal election, the federal government should set the rules on how the election process will take place, and each state must follow that process equally. One comment I have heard on all news stations is "why can't we get this right?" With the technology we have, between the brainpower of silicon valley, we run elections like we are back in the stone age. Computer programs that have glitches, count incorrectly, and more. Ballots without proof of identity, and more. Who beta tests these computer programs? We have computers that take unmanned rockets to many parts of space and work flawlessly. We have computers that monitor and make corrections to satellites circling the globe that also work flawlessly. Medicine has computer programs that analyze data where people's lives rely on their results, and they work. Yet, we cannot develop a method of computer voting that would work.

The reason for this is money. No one wants to spend the money, therefore, we have elections such as this year that are loaded with different problems. Why can't we have computer voting locations where people can place their vote by computer. Any election that runs where proper identification and verifying the voter information and elligibility eligibility that is not done can be skewed. PERIOD! Can it be so bad where it changes the results? we will never know because most of it is not traceable.


I stated earlier this post is not about a political party or any candidate because it's not. I am talking about the system. What this boils down to is money. Can this be done? I think so, the question is, who will pay for it? Also as I stated, to have 50 different election processes to determine the leader of our country is ludicrous at best. The issue here is one of control. Everyone wants to control their own domain. I am all for them doing this when it refers to their state or local government elections, but NOT for a federal election that affects all 50 states. There MUST be one standard in these elections. Checks and balances MUST be in place. I will admit I am not a fan of pure mail-in voting versus using the present system we have. I am in complete favor of absentee ballots where the criteria are met.

I understand the pandemic concerns people had. However, I voted in person, and it was a safer environment than going to the grocery store. What's worse is, the people I have seen that were interviewed and did not want to vote in person for fear of covid-19, were people that were out in public anyway. I am sure that every person that did mail-in voting is not barricading themselves in their homes. Many of them go to work each day. In many cases, I am sure it's just a case of laziness. When I went, the line looked so look due to social distancing, I almost left to go back later. I decided not to. In less than 30 minutes I was done and on my way, and it was safe. Every guideline was followed to the letter.

In-person voting or a form of computer voting places the most important requirement in the voting system; IDENTIFICATION. We know who is voting, and whether or not they are who they say they are, and can legally vote. Imagine if we had this. We would be avoiding the mess we are facing now. No one could ever know if whatever they find is everything that went wrong, or if it would even change the results. This is providing these accusations are true. Some have evidence, and others do not. However, the peace of mind we would have is we would know whoever won actually deserved to win and was rightfully elected. I do not feel the confidence now, regardless of who had won.


Do I have doubts about this election? Yes, I do. I am not saying the victor would change. I am saying it creates reasonable doubt. Our process of electing a president is terrible, ineffective, skewed, antiquated, and needs to be updated and changed? Our electoral college system is also terrible. News media projecting winners before votes are completely counted is also terrible. Wait until all the votes are counted. Their results are not official. It's official only when the states certify the vote and the electoral college votes. I believe it is necessary to have checks and balances, but each state should have the same number of electoral votes. Make the candidates have to campaign and earn the votes. California has 55 electoral votes. Whether that state scoreboard is Blue or Red, that party is starting with a huge advantage. Level out the playing field. How would you feel if the home team in a football game automatically started the game having two touchdowns on their scoreboard? Not the best example, but it's the concept I'm referring to. States should have the same number of electoral votes.

This year, our election was a farce, regardless of who was running. It is now resulting in numerous court cases, and I believe due to the nature of our society, this will only divide us further. It would be easy to just throw it all out and redo it properly. Clearly, that cannot and will not happen. Let the states run their government and locals elections how they choose, but for once, have a federal standard that every state must follow in a presidential election, LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD, and allow our citizens to feel that they can trust the election process. The way it is now. I DO NOT TRUST IT.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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