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Equality? Do people even know what that is?


Taking nothing away from our countries devastating past when it comes to racial, social, and gender equality, as well as recent events, I must ask you; are you starting to get tired of putting on the news and everyday it's about violent protests, people preaching about inequality, wanting to disband or defund our police services, and more? What about the states that cannot seem to get their act together, the police services that do not get their local government support? Are you tired of listening to those, who by many, might be construed as hypocrites? I can certainly tell you that I am.

No one denies we need to institute change. No one denies our countries history of racism, and social injustice. No one denies there is a still a sense of inequality in our society. However, hearing about every day does not fix it. Actually, it makes it worse. Whenever you add fuel to any fire, the fire will grow.


- Caesar Rondina -

Although there are others, the most important change people are referring to pertains to our police departments and their policies. I fully agree there needs to be change. However, our police officers must be supported because their safety is at risk every moment of the day. They also have a right to go home to their families. They have a right to protect themselves while protecting you. People need to understand this. Let's move on.


Some are saying do not send a police officer with a gun to a call regarding a mentally disturbed individual, send a social worker or other trained professional. Really, are you kidding me? I spent over 30 years working the streets of a large city, mostly in the inner-city environment. One of the most potentially dangerous individuals are the ones that are mentally unstable. YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THEY ARE GOING TO DO! I've seen so many individuals that suffer from mental disorders start out very peaceful, and without warning or provocation become extremely violent. The biggest unknown is, did they take their medications, or are they on any other illegal substances or have been drinking. Certain illegal substances stop people from felling pain, and give them extraordinary strength.

There are scores of documented cases where a violent combative person has been tased multiple times with no affect. I have witnessed this myself. There are also cases of someone on illegal substance that have been shot, and keep coming after a person. I have witnessed people jumped through a plate glass window, suffer severe injuries with excessive bleeding, and they DO NOT STOP COMING AT YOU. This is reality people. Should this happen to a social worker and no police are there to protect them, it is very possible they could be killed. People in this state of mind do not know what they are doing. I have cared for violent combative patients where it took up to six officers to subdue them, so I could sedate them and transport them safely to a hospital for treatment. I would see them later and walk over to check on them and they are the nicest people and do not remember what they did.

First responders DO NOT respond are NOT equipped with anything to protect themselves. Someone who is completely, or becomes completely unstable, can possibly take your life. I could think of many calls I responded to that if not for police presence, I would, or could have been, seriously hurt or killed. Sorry activists, some of your arguments don't hold water in any type of glass. You have no idea what you are talking about because you have never done it for a living. You have never experienced this. Most of you have NEVER had someone attacking you with a knife, or pointing a gun at you. In the split second an officer has to make a decision, could mean the difference in an officer or bystanders, living or dying. With that said, training is paramount and policies are critical. These are just some examples, and I hope no one reading this ever is confronted with any of these situations.


I am sorry, I find it very difficult to listen to anyone talk about equality when that are members of a group whose name goes against the very principle of equality. Does the name "BLACK LIVES MATTER" or "WHITE LIVES MATTER," or any other group that represents on race in their name sound equal to you? Or do they sound biased towards one color? The best signs I've seen are, "ALL LIVES MATTER!" It is not racial, it is not biased, and makes sense, and it's true. All live matters. Regardless of race, color, gender, or creed. It's name represents exactly what is important.

The mayor of Minneapolis should be ashamed by allowing and not supporting their law enforcement offices by letting the 3rd. Precinct building of the Police Department be overrun and burned to the ground. Allowing this sends a poor, at best, representation of law and order. Is equality defined by black antagonists causing people to burn, loot, or destroy businesses owned by black people? When you do this, do you actually expect people to respect your cause? To do it in the name of someone who was unjustly murdered, actually takes away from the cause, and certainly does NOT respect the death of George Floyd. Not willingly, but unjustly, that man lost his life, and those responsible must pay for it. They will. Hurting others will NEVER justify that cause. Violence only contributes to more violence.

Although, this is strictly a matter of opinion, I do not believe that removing statues or defacing them, changing the name of a military base, is going to fix anything. In my opinion, it speaks to our history. History cannot be erased, but it can serve as a reminder to us of where we came from, what we evolved from, and what we have overcome. These individuals may not have had the best track record when it came to equality, but they also did great things or our country. Should we only leave a statue up of the great Dr. Marin Luther King Jr.? If his statue offends someone, should it be defaced or taken down? Of course not.

Equality is NOT defined by any group that has a political agenda and hurts people of their own race. How can they seek equality when they destroy their own kind? I'm sorry people, but this is not equality, it's a group trying to gain political acknowledgment. It is for their good, and not the good of the whole. Like you, I have seen many great men and women of color, and those that are white speak out. They promote peaceful protest and equality not for just black people, but for all people.


I said this earlier. NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE BAD. However, the deeds of the few, always leave a mark on the whole. People, in general, do not mentally denounce just the group, they denounce the race. The Black Lives Matter group has many great people associated with it, yet, by the actions of a few, the group is looked bad upon by many. The same applies to any extremist group. I AM NOT SINGLING OUT SOME BAD APPLES IN THE BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT. ANTIFA is suspected as having a heavy hand in this as well and are equally wrong.

The point is, do not use or abuse the word EQUALITY as an excuse or reason to instigate violence. That is NOT promoting equality the way it should be. Many people might argue that the only reason some change will now occur is because of the violence that was caused. WRONG. Change will occur because of the number of people who finally stood up as a group and voiced the need for change. The violence and destruction, those who have been hurt, injured or killed as a result of it, is NOT the reason change will occur. Disbanding or defunding police departments will not fix this. Actually, when you take these funds away, you also run the risk of not being able to properly train our law enforcement officers. Everything in this world comes with a price.

People complain about the amount of taxes we pay, and we do not want to pay more, yet we all want more. It's like a well. You can't get more water out of a well that the well has to give. It was great that through this pandemic many received money through the stimulus packages in various ways. However, it creates financial deficits, and they want, and rightfully so, need more. Which will create larger deficits. That money has to be made up somewhere. The questions will be, where? Rest assured that if any taxes go up to cover up, people will complain. You see, at times, it is a no win situation. No one expected COVID-19. Our economy was great.

The point being, things will happen. Things that no one wanted to happen. What defines us is how we handle them, and move on. Equality works the same way. Equality is for everyone, not just for one color. Can we accomplish this? I believe we can. However, it will not only require change in government, it will also require some people to change.

Ask yourself if you truly know and understand the meaning of the word "EQUALITY." The truth is, like it or not, regardless of who or what you are, if you think you are right, and everyone else is wrong. Guess what. YOU ARE WRONG. These are my thoughts.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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