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I Get It. Everything Is A Process. - But does it always have to be so drawn out?


First, a quick update. Enjoying taking some time in my new area looking at homes and boats. Still deciding on the right ones. In the meantime, everything is a process. Amazing. This happens to be the topic of tonight's blog post. However, it's not about my process. We all know everything we do in life is a process, but at what point is that process being drawn out, and for what reason?


There is a process we all take for everything we do. The process may change or vary depending on the situation. In our personal life's that process usually goes much quicker. Although, mainly because fewer people are involved in that particular process, it's also understandable that achieving other goals may and often will be much longer. Let's take a court trial, for example. Depending on the evidence, the type of case, and yes, who it involves, a court trial can take a day, a month, or many months. Other processes require more time and research due to the nature or severity of the consequences. Let's face it. If you are going to put someone in jail for life, you want to be sure that decision is the correct one.

However, does this apply to all processes? Are some dragged out for publicity, personal gain, political gain, or other reasons that only prolong the process needlessly? In my mind, no doubt occurs. I'm sure some of it is the red tape that's involved. The bureaucracy as it's referred to. You could impeach a president in a fraction of the time it takes to recall a governor or impeach a governor. Yes. I am referring to the two attempts to impeach Donald Trump. I am using that ONLY as an example. Not to infer whether it was right or wrong. or he was right or wrong. My point being, when they wanted to impeach him, it went to a vote and trial quickly.

Therefore, doesn't it make sense that some things are drawn out longer than others, and maybe, needlessly. I sometimes wonder if people need to justify their existence rather than get the job done and move on. In other words, don't deliberately delay the process. In politics, for the most part, we know why this occurs. There are always deals to be made. Vote for my thing, and I'll vote for yours. But, is it really a matter of what is right or wrong? Or is it a matter of wants and needs?

Sometimes it boils down to playing follow the leader. Now that is fine if the leader knows where the heck they are going. If not, the process goes round and round in circles. We constantly hear phrases such as, "It's a process," or, "We're in the process of." The best part is that the more hands stirring that pot, the longer the process will take. Receiving input from many sources is a valuable tool when used properly. When we receive and discuss multiple opinions, the thought process, there's that word again, is to take the best of all ideas and come up with the ideal idea. In a perfect world, that works. In a not-so-perfect world, most times, we end in a stalemate, and the process drags on and on. Anyone who watches the news daily and more than one news network knows what it is like to hear about something for days and weeks.


The stalemate is the ultimate delay of the process. Let's look at the months it took Congress to agree on the last Covid-19 stimulus package. Now it that is not a perfect example of delaying a process. I don't know what is. Also, it is well known that a small amount of that package dealt with Covid relief. No one would separate the bills because neither side would give up their leverage.

That went on for months. In my opinion, a travesty of the political system. But, on the other hand, it was great for the news media. It gave them something to talk about every day and something for us to get sick about hearing about. The people I feel sorry for the most are those that really needed the assistance. The "PROCESS" was terrible, deliberately delayed, and for all the wrong reasons.

There is an old saying I like. Actually, it was one of my quotes in one of my books. "Life is not difficult. But, unfortunately, people make it difficult."

If you think about it, it is very true. As people, we tend to make things more difficult than they need to be. However, that topic is for another blog post.


The problem with this topic is, it gives people a reason to wonder. When we put our combined resources into something, we always come up with a quicker solution. When we spread our resources too thin, it leads to delays and stalemates. Our personal lives are no different. The same rules apply to us. We can get it down, go through the process, or drag it out. In our personal lives, we tend to drag things out in the hopes they will be forgotten, especially by a significant other. Trust me. They are not and will always come back to haunt you. Decisions are not hard to make if you follow a sensible and workable process to make those decisions. There will always be pros and cons. However, every once and a while, the choice will be obvious. The best part about having a working process is that you always have old reliable waiting in the wings regardless of the pros and cons. COMPROMISE.

Stay Safe and be well,

Caesar Rondina


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