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Let's Talk About Gun Control - A video blog post.


This week is my video blog post. Every topic has three components. Fact, fiction, and myth. What makes a topic controversial is when the topic is of such great concern or interest that people begin to take sides. And so, the battle begins. I have stated on more than one occasion, if my readers ask for it, I will talk about it no matter how controversial the topic is. The difference when I talk about is, IT IS NOT BIASED. It is solely based on the TRUTH. No fluff, no BS, no fiction, or myth.

I could care less what the hardliners think, or the goody two shoes think. Gun Control is about what makes sense, what works, and what should and MUST be done. It's not and should NEVER be a political battle. Of course, politicians will always weigh in. After all, they make the laws.

I was in the business of saving lives for over thirty years. Therefore, I don't care about the manufacturers or the politicians. I care about the people. There is a successful and proper way Gun Control can and should be implemented. However, the system is broken and needs to be rebuilt from the ground up. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This post is 30 minutes long but well worth viewing. I have provided the links to YOUTUBE and VIMEO below. Due to the increased use of the internet, one might stream better than the other. I hope you enjoy the post.

Stay safe and be well. Thank you.

Caesar Rondina


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