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Sex In The 21st. Century? - What Has it evolved into?


Tonight's topic is a requested topic from Maryland. I receive many questions and varying requests for this topic. It is a controversial topic because, as I have stated many times,


What does that mean? It means at any given moment; there are three generations of people living on this tiny rock we call earth. Our home. One thing that holds for each generation is each generation thinks differently, and each generation blames the previous generation for the troubles of the present times. Why not? As people, we always seem to have to blame someone. However, you must understand how important that statement is to understand this post. Each generation believes the way they were raised was and still is the correct way. However, over time, everything evolves. This includes technology, opportunities, ways of thinking, education, and more.

The problem becomes compounded when these three generations of thinking clash and trust me, they do. As children growing up, we experienced when we disagreed with our parents. Therefore, it is no different for our children than for us. They rebel, disagree, and have their way of thinking, which is brought about by the times they are raised in. For example. In our grandparents' era, cross-dressing, same-sex relationships, same-sex marriages, and more were unheard of. Mostly because people did not freely admit to their feelings and stayed hidden from the world, as each generation evolved and the times and what I like to call "Rules of acceptance" changed, these topics and others began to surface. People became more vocal about their thoughts, feelings, and opinions.


Many accept this, and many still do not. The older generation may never totally accept it because that was not how things were when they were raised. Factually, there is no right or wrong. It comes down to a person's personal choice. A choice that many will respect, and some never will. However, life has a way of fixing that problem through attrition. As the older generation passes on, the second generation, which is more liberal thinking, now becomes the older generation. But alas, a new generation is born that will grow up with different thoughts and opinions that the new older generation will not accept or resist. So you see, it's a never-ending cycle. At some point, I am sure that people will evolve to the point where they may freely respect others and their choices. However, we aren't there yet, and I doubt many of us will see that time in our lifetimes.


What about sex? Isn't that what this post is about? Sex is the tricky part. Sex, intimate moments between two people, used to be looked upon as a sacred bond. Let's face it. It is no longer looked upon that way—sex in the 21st. Century has evolved to suggestive TV commercials, and it's incorporated into TV series, as well as the movies that are made. In my opinion, the biggest problem with sex in the 21st. Century is social media.

A platform that is NOT screened adequately, as I believe it should be. Many parents and other people feel the same because it is a platform that is too easy for a young person the have access to and see things that their mind has not developed enough to understand.

Parental controls are fantastic. However, many people are not tech-savvy and may not know how to implement these controls. Many times, I have been asked why social media allow this type of exchange publically? I am a writer, author, educator, and public speaker. I have many social media accounts. Social media is an excellent platform for anyone in a professional setting to get a message out to many. With that said, it is also an ideal platform to get the bad, false, or biased news out. Children have been stalked on social media, taken advantage of, and far worse. Sexual cybercrime is on the rise. I commend social media platforms for trying to control it, but that is not enough. You may think you know, but you do not know the actual effect this has in the real world.

I saw the real world as a firefighter and paramedic for almost 35 years. Things that no one should ever have to see. Something that, on some level, you, as the general public, are shielded from. Those of us in that profession always said that no one would leave their house if people actually knew everything that goes on. That, my friends, is reality.

At least 3 or 4 times per week, I get a follower request or friend request with some of the most disgusting sexual content. Of course, I block that sender. The question is, how does that even get to go out across social media platforms? Isn't there a filter of sorts that can filter through and block this form of offensive and EXTREMELY suggestive content? Does freedom of speech and expression extend to the point where harm is done to others? I think not.


Many in the entertainment business will argue that sex is an art form—a form of expression. However, to some degree, I agree with that. There have been paintings and sculptures of nudity for centuries. That is an art form. A form of expression. Not what we see on social media. During my research on this topic, I have read many articles. The funniest thing I read is those that state, "YOU MUST BE OVER 18 YEARS OLD TO ENTER THIS SITE." OK, that's the disclaimer. But how is it verified? You are correct. It is not. People can enter chat rooms exchange photos and videos at will.

Some may say, and I agree, that consenting adults can make their own choices. However, what checks and balances are in place to assure that is the case? Young children can get around the internet better than their parents. They talk to one another, share sites and information, experiment themselves, and at times, the outcome is not good. In every case, when anyone whose mind is not developed to comprehend what they are seeing and be able to reason it out in a manner that results in them making a rational, informed dec