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What Is It About Control? - Why can't they get it right?


As I have repeatedly stated, I support and welcome guest blog posts. I am pleased to announce that on 8/22/22, I will have a guest blog post by Cody Mcbride on the topic; Making Your Mark as an Influencer: Questions You Should Ask Yourself. Thank you Cody for your submission.

Greetings. This week is my video blog post for August. What do I mean about control? Who am I referring to? You will have to view the video to find out. I promise you it will be controversial and interesting. All you need is common sense and an open mind. If you like diversity, you have come to the right place. Don't forget to subscribe to my blog. We NEVER sell or share our email subscribers list. Your email address is safe with us. As always, I have provided the link to the video which is posted on my YouTube and Vimeo channels. I also invite you to subscribe to my channels. Never be afraid to leave a comment.



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