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Everyone has a warrior within us ....

Everyone has a warrior within us. Another of one of my favorite quotes. "Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. ... Charles R. Swindoll The Warrior Within will be coming out sometime in mid 2018. It will guide you as to how to become the master of your world and more. In the meantime, The Soul In our Hearts is now available for purchase. Who Are The Heroes is on schedule for this August Release, and Balancing The Scale is in the editing process for a November 2017 Release. A three part series that is an outstanding read. In each book you will learn about things and concepts you never knew existed. 2018 is also a very exciting year for me starting with Making Partnership Choices in February 2018, followed by The Warrior Within in mid 2018. The previews and table of contents will be on my webite, soon for review. I challenge everyone who really thinks they know it all, or thinks they really know themselves, to purchase all of these books, and find out just how much you really don't know. Not a sales pitch, but a reality. Use this information to make a better life for yourself. As with all my books, real people, real situations and true stories as well as some facts, make up the theme for each book. The HARD, COLD TRUTH, if you think can handle it. In the meantime, thanks to all that have purchased my books, and plan on purchasing them in the future. I am personal, this is personal. Let's make a connection. To make any connection, you need to live in the heart and soul of the other. Come live in my heart and soul for a short time. Happy reading.

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