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Who Are The Heroes Update ...

I just finished a conference call with my publisher and the publicist department. The print copies are done, and being shipped to the major online stores such as Amazon Book and Barnes and Noble. The smaller stores get shipped next. Amazon and BN are in the process of converting the digital files to either Kindle or Nook digital series. When that is complete, in about 14 days, the early sales release will start. There are two releases. The first is the early sales release which we are talking about now. The second is the publishers official media release and launch of the book. Media includes, magazine ads, TV spots, and newspaper announcements. Due to the subject of this book, everyone is quite excited about and we are hoping for a great launch. But I need you help. The early sales release is to give the book title time to be recognized. It is a very critical stage for ranking. I will be announcing the date when the book can be purchased. I will do this through Facebook, and it will go out to about 800,000 people. That first day sales is critical for both Google and Barnes and Nobles sales ranking which at is the time they rank the book. The higher the ranking, the more they feature it. In my Facebook post I will ask everyone to share that post on their timeline, and ask them to ask their friends to do the same. This exposes the book to millions of people. If everyone is kind enough to help, we could have a great early launch. In my post will also be making a request regarding purchasing on the first day, for those that are planning on buying the book. Please watch for that post. My Facebook page is CaesarRondinaAuthor, which can be typed into the search book on your Facebook news feed page. I will also blog post it as well. Thank you.

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