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As a member of Caesar's staff. Along with is publisher, I am involved with public relations and marketing. The one thing that stands out for me is Caesar's desire to interact with his readers. Not just by doing speaking engagements, or email exchanges, but to offer his readers the ability to have direct communications. I work with many Authors. I must add that not one reaches out to their readers in this way. Until Caesar retires from his EMS career, he still works as a Clinical Education Specialist for a division of the largest ambulance company in the world, American Medical Response. He writes, speaks, and still makes time to personally answer every email that is sent to him. One would think that's enough. Not for Caesar. Between myself, his IT Specialist Bryan Kane, and great support from his publisher Dorrance Publishing, he still comes up with new ways to interact with his readers. We have added a CHAT feature to his website, When Caesar is available to Chat, you will see a box in the lower right hand corner labeled CHAT WITH CAESAR! When that box is present, you are welcome to chat directly with Caesar. Many public figures have their staff answer emails. Not Caesar, he personally answers every email. If you chat with him, you will be getting the real deal, not a staff member. If you know him as we do, you would know he is a people person, and that's where his priorities are. With you, the readers. Please feel free to try this new feature when he is available, mostly evening and weekends. All his books are available on all major online book stores. You can also click this link to purchase any one of his books from your preferred source. If your not one of his readers, you should be. His books are about what Caesar calls "the hard truth, and reality." Nothing about what Caesar writes about is held back, and some stories are graphic in nature. Feel free to browse the site where you can see previews of each book, table of contents, and book trailer videos. With three releases this year, and two scheduled so far for 2018, there is a wide variety of topics to choose from. Here is the link where you can choose your buying preference. Thank you - Anne

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