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The Past, The Present, The Future ....

Everyone has a past. Every time a minute passes it has changed your past. Some things in our past were good, and others .... well, not so good. Either way, good, bad, or indifferent, their sum equals to what we call our present. Just as what we do in the present will define our future. No one knows what their future will be. Yes, you can plan for it, but every minute of every day has the potential to change that plan. Spending time dwelling on the things you can't change wastes precious time in the present, which cuts down on the time you have in your future. One of my quotes. "The past gave us knowledge, the present gives us experience, and the future offers hope." Important concepts to remember. They can change your life. Speaking of the present. The book trailer for my third book for 2018 is complete. Whew ..... I met that deadline. Now all I have to do is finish writing the book. A perfect example how the present defines your future. Jus' sayin'. All my book trailers can be seen on my website For now, here's a peek. Coming in the summer of 2018

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