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EQUALITY Vs. INEQUALITY ... Reality or just an excuse .....

Equality vs Inequality. Are they one in the same? Are they real or just an excuse?

EQUALITY - is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities.

INEQUALITY - is the difference in size, degree, circumstances, etc.; lack of equality.

"social inequality"

Clearly they are opposite in definition, but often times perceived by many as being the same. There's a derivative of the word PERCEPTION again. Now that the basics are clear, allow me make a perfectly clear personal statement before I move forward with my thoughts, which I'm sure will make some happy, and others, well, not so much. Another reality check. The truth is not always popular, but it's always the truth. You can state your mind, or spend the rest of your life trying to keep everyone happy.


Now let's get started ...

It's been 153 years since slavery has been abolished. It probably took another 100 years for that word to get around to the point where it was accepted. For this racist BS to continue in our society today is simply an insult to humanity and our intelligence. Why? In order to have equality for anyone entity, everything has to be equal. As I state in one of my books "Balancing The Scale. In order to have a balanced life, every aspect of your life must first be in balance." Including the standards. Therefore, in order to have total equality, every aspect of life MUST be equal That's where the problem stems from. For example. In today's society, whether you believe this or not, EVERYONE has the same opportunities to education. In fact, there are far more guidelines in place to assist those who can't financially afford a higher degree of education for many factors. Divorce, not having the income to support it, people with handicaps, and many more. In addition, there is far more grant money available today than years past. All you have to do is EARN it. There's another interesting word. EARN. It's NOT an entitlement. The magnet school system program has blossomed and works. Specialty high schools for those that qualify exist. They work. I speak at many of them. There's another word., QUALIFY. Again, you have to EARN it. However, no matter what you do, the individuals themselves have to want to do it for themselves. If they don't, than don't shun your responsibility and start crying about how deprived you are. You're not, you're just lazy. Therefore, is it fair to say that people should get the same chance who haven't worked for it, or earned it, over someone that has; for any reason? It they don't qualify, own it. You blew your opportunities. You did this to yourself.. I don't care what environment a person came from. When you sit in the classroom, you have the same opportunity to learn as the person sitting next to you. Whether a person takes that opportunity is their choice. There are scores of success stories of those that are very successful that came from impoverished area. After working with our youth for many years, I can promise you, the ones who want to learn will.

A good example of this might be the public service sector. The standards for many professions have been lowered in order to meet the guidelines for hiring minorities. Which many companies have to follow for regulations purposes, government contracts, or grant money they receive. Minorities by the way, which are not limited to just African Americans, Hispanics or other races. A Caucasian individual could be just as much as a a minority as well, and in many cases are. Coming from the fire service, I worked for a department during the time when women started applying to the fire service. My department ALWAYS took the stand that no matter who or what you are, if you could pass the written and physical test, you had a chance at being hired. The standards were NOT lowered. Study material and physical standards were given to every applicant. Everyone who applied had the same opportunity to study, and physically train for the tests. To this day they do the same thing. However, many departments that take grant money due to their involvement in affirmative action and other programs, have lowered their standards in order to meet the "minimum minority requirements." THAT IS NOT EQUALITY. You might think that it is because the test is still the same for all, but it's not. The standards had to be lowered. The physical test was made easier, the written test made easier. Why? Because certain people did not want to take the time and personal initiative to study or go to the gym as others did in order to meet the standards? Therefore, they were considered the minorities, and departments could not meet the requirements. In some professions, this could put people's live's in jeopardy. In this example, it's not about equality or inequality, it's about EXCUSES. These are facts, not fiction. So get over it. No matter who or what you are, do what it takes to meet the standards. PERIOD ! Or keep your tissues close by. However, that is not reality. So are we causing inequality, or feeding into the excuses?

Ladies, for you, I will state you have an advocate here. But first let me explain the one area of your platform I disagree with. That area is in the meaning of the 14th and 15th amendment. Calling it like it is, and simply put, words such as "all" and "any" refer to just that. It doesn't need further qualification down to the gender level. "All" and "any" are totally inclusive words. In this case, I think that is an excuse, not a platform. Now moving on to what should be.


The fact is, a female student fresh out of college with no work experience, should not be paid the same, or maybe even get the job over ANYONE that comes to the table with the same degree, but has extensive work experience. EVERYONE has to pay their dues and earn it. They will be much people individuals when they've earned their way up the ladder. However, on a one-to-one basis where all is equal, WOMEN DESERVE THE SAME OPPORTUNITY AND PAY. END OF STORY! There are more opportunities for women in today's market place than ever before. Use it to your advantage and work like everyone should.

Causes. Now here's a good one. Everyone has a cause, a belief. I RESPECT THAT. What I don't respect is how they may exercise that belief. As much as the constitution gives us the right to freedom of speech and expression, there is a respectful way to exercise those rights, as well as being a disrespectful way. No one has to right to exercise their beliefs in a manner that is unlawful. It should never cause harm to an individual, property, or infringe on the rights of others. In the case of "taking a knee" for sports figures, or "entertainers planning a boycott," no one is stating that is not your right. But is it the PROPER way and forum to express those your beliefs, and support your cause? I think not. You are entertainers. You're working in your profession when you are being paid to perform or play a sport. That is NOT the time nor the place for you to express your beliefs. You are discrediting yourself and what you do when you use your profession and the media coverage to make your point. Do that on your own time. Do not offend others that have paid good money to see you perform or play your sport. It does not give you the right to disrespect the beliefs of others in that forum. Recently I went to a comedy club. The comedian started by knocking our flag. Is that the right time and place to do this? Myself as well as many others walked out. A writer, a news reporter or someone who does commentary, by nature, is there job. It's what they do. That would be an example of a correct forum, as long as it's unbiased, such as this blog post. That would be like me saying when I worked as a firefighter, it's okay to try to carry someone out of a burning building and tell them my beliefs about our country. I won't knock your beliefs, but I will say I don't agree with your methods. Look into your soul, and just do the right thing at the proper time and place. God bless America.

In closing, because I can write a book about this, however, I think I have made my point very clear on many fronts. DISCRIMINATION, SOCIAL INJUSTICE, OR INEQUALITY FOR ANY REASON IS NOT ACCEPTABLE IN TODAY'S SOCIETY. Anyone practicing it is simply a disgrace to the human race as well as themselves. But the playing field MUST be equal in order to have equality. Anything less will always lead to inequality. It all sounds good on paper, and it all makes sense. However, on to reality. We all know it still exists. I commend those that stand up for equality which is what I am trying to do here. I only state that MAKE SURE your platform is not being used as excuses for what people are to lazy to do in order to better themselves and have the same opportunity. Equality and entitlement are completely different. That is also NOT the solution. The sad part is, no matter how it's structured, there will always be those that have something to cry about since they feel they have been deprived. It is human nature and the human condition that makes people not blame themselves, or take responsibility for their own short comings. Those individuals always look to blame someone else. There are cases when it isn't their fault. Since it's a learned behavior, they may never have been taught differently. As much as society has matured in many areas, there are still some areas such as taking responsibility for your actions where our society really is lacking. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR PLATFORM TO BE THEIR EXCUSE. Sound familiar? Now I have one request of you. I believe this to be a very sensitive issue, as I believe I have summarized it quite well. If you got here through Facebook, please share this post. If you got here through Twitter, please re-tweet this post. No matter how you ended up in my world, share it. The key to change relies on two things. 1. AWARENESS, and 2. SOMEONE WHO DOESN'T FEAR TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. Thank you .... CJR

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