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"The Ultimate Weapon"

What is the ultimate weapon. I think the ultimate weapon can be best described as what ever tool you use that gains you your ultimate results. What might some example be of those weapons?

  • Words- words in themselves have no real meaning. It's how those words are used is what gives them meaning.

  • Actions- actions are the opposite of words. You can tell much by a persons actions, even if a word is not spoken.

  • Your mind - The mind is a powerful weapon. It gives you control, as long as you can control it.

  • Attitude - now there's a shocker. A persons attitude or demeanor can send a powerful message, again, without ever saying a word.

  • Emotions - A most power tool because it gives you the ability to practice "Situational Manipulation." We all know what a situation is. It's that set of circumstances which one finds themselves in. Manipulation is the act of manipulating something or someone in a skillful manner. Therefore, Situational Manipulation is ones ability to manipulate a set of circumstances we are in. Those that practice this rely primary on the emotions, or lack of emotions of others.

Those are just a few example. Out of those, which do you thing is the ultimate weapon? If you just picked one based on their explanation you're wrong. If you picked one based on what is your most effective skill, than you are correct. Each person must know what their best skill is. Whatever that skill may be, that's is your ultimate weapon. Why do I say your's, because not all people have mastered them all, but are, in most cases, quite good at one. With that said, your ultimate weapon does not mean that is your best quality. For example, your best quality might be that you are a good listener. Some may wish to interact with you because you listen before you speak. That is a quality, NOT your ultimate weapon, however, they both can be "SYNERGISTIC." Meaning the interact or work together to provide a combined effect.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you are a good listener. That is your good quality. Now, let's say you like to strategically control a situation. That's your ultimate weapon. Situational Manipulation. Here is an example of how those two can work together. You know someone you always wanted to date, but they are with someone else. However, they always use you as a sounding board when they have a relationship problem. Why not, you've probably been friends for a while. You listen, you learn and you calculate your strategy to get them away from who they are with. Now you can define how you will respond. Or should I say calculate because you want to manipulate the situation. Oh and yes. In time, you will get that person away from the other. You might be asking or saying to yourself, "HOGWASH." Okay, I get it. I will ask you this. If not yourself, how many times in your life have you seen someone who talks to a friend, end up leaving the person they are with and dating that friend? Ahhh ... now your saying, he's right.

In this example situational manipulation sounded cruel. It was. But there are time when it is not, and can lead to many benefits. At work, when someone really needs help, or when you find yourself in any situation you need to control. Keep this in mind:

"Life is not about the tools we have, it's about how we use them." - me

In closing, I always say, choose your best offense, and your best defense. Know when to use them separately, or combined. However, never at the expense of others. Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Thank you ..... CJR

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