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"INSPIRATION" .... What works for you?

First, if this gets a bit lengthily I apologize. I will try to keep it as brief as possible while making my point. It is a tricky subject. This topic was suggested by Tammy from Texas. I receive many suggested topics from folks in Texas. I have been there many times. Anyone who has been to Texas knows, that Texas is not a state. It's a country within a state with wonderful and genuine people. At least those I have met. Thank, Tammy for the suggestion. It is certainly a challenging topic.

Understand that because I am a best selling author, as well as a motivational and inspirational speaker, I am no better than anyone else. Actually, I'm quite normal. I only dress formally when I absolutely have to. I'm a nice fitting jeans kinda guy that likes a Tommy Bahama shirt, or a pull over. In the summer, shorts, tee-shirts, and flip flops define me. I'm no better looking than the next guy. You see, I am humble. I was raised that way. However I am special in two areas. First, I have an outstanding personality, which makes up for my not having 20 female heads turn when I walk into a room. Second, I not only believe in truth and honesty, I practice it. I don't write in fancy terms no one will understand,. I write and speak in everyday English. Why, because that's how we all talk. If you want people to understand you, talk with them, not at them.

With that said, what about inspiration? WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Frankly, not everyone is inspired by things, and not everyone can inspire others. Does that mean they are flawed? Hell no. In order to understand inspiration you must know where it comes from.

To be inspired, or to inspire others, requires ONE important thing. YOU MUST HAVE AN OPEN MIND. Your mind MUST be willing to accept things. All things, even those you don't understand or agree with. Inspiration is not bound by race, color, or creed. It is derived from one three things combined. It's a combination of these:

  • Your HEART - Your desire, your willingness to be kind and do things for others.

  • Your MIND - Your logical component.

  • Your SOUL - Your values and morals. What you are made of. All three combined, make up your character.

If you never read my book The Soul In Our Hearts, get a copy and read it. It's been out for about a year, so it's very affordable. Then you will understand. Speaking of the emotional component, but most things regarding inspiration are emotionally based, in one sense or another. If an individual is missing one or more of those connections, they will be less inspired, therefore, decreasing their ability to inspire others. Why, because they simply don't care. Sometimes the truth hurts, but truth is reality. You can hide it, dodge it, and bend it, but you can never run from either. As of 2016, there were 7.442 billion people in the world. That's 7.442 billion different stories. So what makes your so special? Just because it's your? What makes everyone's story special is how it inspires them. You can almost see how those three together determine your degree of inspiration. Inspiration could about anything that inspires you. A beautiful sunset, health challenges, you work or hobbies. There is no limit, and no specific subjects.

An inspiration is something you experienced that "INSPIRED" you to do or accomplish something. Your disagree of desire for that something will determine how deeply you attempt to achieve it. Knowing this, you may feel so strongly about it that you will reach out to others and "INSPIRE" them. It something helped you, you may want to share it. I've said this before, but for those that haven't read it in a blog post, my background is a retired professional firefighter. I worked the streets in a dangerous inner-city for 26 years as a Paramedic. If I haven;t seen it, it's only because it hasn't happened yet. In my career I sustained 13 work related injures requiring 18 total surgeries. I survive, I learned. I cared for 76,251 patients in my career. That's 76,251 stories. I've delivered 13 babies, and pronounced over two thousand people dead, including many friends, and yes family. Many times being the one that had to tell this devastating news to a strangers family. Like the farmers commercial says, I've learned a few things because I seen a few things. I've seen and witnessed things no one ever should. Things that ripped my heart and soul apart, and made my mind answer many questions. You never get used to it. You learn to accept it and learn from it. That's how you survive, if not, you die, or just take your own life. I've seen that to.

This is my inspiration. Where I learned, where my wisdom came from. EXPERIENCE. That "INSPIRES." That inspiration is what make me want to "INSPIRE" others. Your story may be different. It's not the story that matters. It's what you do with that counts. IF you're not inspired, and don;t wish to inspire others, that's perfectly fine. If you want what inspires you to only help you, that's fine as well. These are you choices. You can determine your own level of desire. The point is to understand where inspiration comes from. If you don't have inspiration, you can;t be inspired, and lacking one or more of those three things, will determine your level of desire. Inspiration is personal. Personal to only you. It's that simple. Thank you ..... CJR

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