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"Getting It Together" .... Part 2 of 3

If you read part one of this blog, you will find it easy to follow along. If not, you can read part one first. In part two, we will get a more in depth look on the topic of "Getting It Together." In part one we discussed the 5 step process. It does work if you want it to. We all know that life is hectic. Each is full. If you have children, that certainly fills up every remaining minute. So how do you get it together? First, so you do not feel alone, the vast majority of people take each day as it comes. Meaning, they don't have a plan. They "play it by ear." A large percentage of the balance have a plan but do not stick to it. You should realize that no matter how good any plan is, unforeseen things will arise, and they never occur at a good time. This happens when you need it the least. On your most hectic day. However, that is the exception, not the rule. The majority of the times when we don't get to everything, or get things done, it is our own fault. We either had a plan and did not stick to it, or we had no plan at all. Also, we could have just simply gotten lazy. That will happen as well.

For single individuals this is much easier. They can change things around or push things off. Make no mistake, the day will come where that will catch up to them. If you are single, you may have already experienced it. However, if you are married with children, or you are a single parent, you don't have that luxury. Most of what you do is determined by others around you. Mainly, your children. For you, a plan is a must. Everyone complains they do not have the time. Sorry, I don't buy it. What you don't have is time management skills. One of the most common mistakes is to try to fit everything into one day. Your theory is, you will have a break. That never works. Those are the days when those unforeseen things will seem to materialize out of nowhere. You are now in a position where you didn't get things done, and are behind as the others things have begun to pile up. What's the answer?

First, forget about the concept of getting it all done in one day. Are you better off having some down time each day, versus never having any at all?


Always leave some time each day for yourself. When you plan properly, you spread your tasks out over time, not all in one time frame. This will afford you time for yourself, with your children, your partner, or family. The biggest problem that causes issues in relationships is not difficult to figure out. By the time the kids go to bed, or if you don;t plan or are a poor planner, you are both to exhausted to enjoy each others company. You relationship ALWAYS goes on the back burner.


Look ahead. Know what the week ahead is all about. One of the easiest parts is work. Most are on a specific work schedule. Most people try to cram everything in after work in one or two days. That doesn't work for many reasons. The most common reason is if you had a bad day, you just want to get home and forget about it. Therefore, anything you planned to do after work does not get done.


Sleep. If you don't get it, you are already behind the eight ball. You will be moody, aggravated, and your motivation level just went down the drain. Rule #3 sums it up by saying NEVER deprive yourself of the essentials that you must have in order to function.


Learn to say "NO." There are more then enough things that will come up that you must do whether you want to or not. When asked to do something you can't squeeze in, just say NO! You can offer yourself at a different time, or say yes the next time. We must assume that here will be times you can't say no. I get it. Again, the exception, not the rule.


Share. If you are in a relationship, share the duties. Especially if you both work. If I had ten cents for every time I have heard a women say, "I worked all day and while my husband sat on his ass watching the game, I did the laundry, cleaned the dinner dishes. got the kids baths done, and put them to bed." I would be a rich man today.

With regards to rule #5. If you are a single parent, it means you must schedule your time better. If you are a single person, life is always easier for you. This is the main reason people stay single longer as compared to years ago. I could never understand why, if I went over to a single friends house, male or female, it was a wreck. That is just pure laziness. For that, there is no excuse. In this part of this series you should be seeing that there is a way to manage getting it together. In the final part, part 3, I will wrap it up by showing you how to fix it. Many times people have identified the problem but do not know how to reason out the answer. That will be the focus of Part 3. Follow me on Twitter - @caesarrondina, Facebook - caesar rondina author, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. Please feel free to browse the site while you are here, and leave a comment below. Thank you. ... CJR

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