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What Is The Ultimate Sacrifice?

Terminology is a body of terms used with a particular technical application in a subject of study, theory, or profession. An example might be medical terminology. Terms used in the medical profession. In a sense, The ultimate sacrifice is the terminology used when an extremely patriotic and/or a heroic act is performed. One that leads to the death of the person performing such act.

In real terms, it's what you make of it. Meaning, the word ultimate means extreme. Sacrifice means something that one is taking away from themselves for others. In short, it's the ability to be willing to do or give up all you have to show your love or devotion. The question is, for something to be an ultimate sacrifice, MUST IT RESULT IN SOMEONE'S DEATH? Maybe that is up to you to decide. In this writers opinion, the answer is NO!

The reasoning is simple. The word ultimate is a highly subjective word, since what is considered ultimate is different for each person, and what a person can ultimately do is also different. Many terms have been labelled to have a specific meaning as a result from our countries recent conflicts over the past many years. Another is "Hero." Again. a subjective term. A term might I add, is not used for many that deserve it by definition. Which is why I wrote the book, "Who Are The Heroes."

I think we would all agree that the word ultimate means the most extreme. Therefore, comparing it to death. The truth is, dying for a believe is undoubtedly extreme. What is the problem with all of this? Once we "label" something as having only one meaning, such as the "The Ultimate Sacrifice", or "Hero," we are taking something away from those that are performing what may be an act of heroism, or an ultimate sacrifice for them. Do we really want to send a message that "the Ultimate Sacrifice" can only be achieved by someone if they die in the process?

Therefore, we need to look at the cause. We live in a society where things are lumped into different melting pots. For example, if you hang out with a gay friend, you might be also considered gay to those that don't know you. If you are walking down the street and see a crowd of people, and walk over to see what is going on, you are considered to be a part of that crowd and whatever they are doing. People are lumped into the melting pot of the neighborhood they live in, as well as the social society they associate themselves with.

Yes, it has been that way for years. Statistically, it has gotten worse, and is getting worse. How many people still argue or fight over the Clinton/Trump election? How many friendships and family arguments still go on and have been destroyed. You could hate 99 out of 100 things Trump does. Like one thing, and you are considered "A Trump Supporter." Let's be clear. NO ONE individual in any capacity will make the correct decision each and every time. Not everyone who hangs out with a person who is gay, is gay. No more then anyone that lives in an impoverished neighborhood is bad. When I worked as a street paramedic I went into numerous impoverished neighborhoods. Yes, they are not the best. I have been in house's that were cleaner than some in the best of areas. Not all people, especially the elderly, can move. Therefore, it's easier for society to lump people in a generalized melting pot.

To summarize, The ultimate sacrifice is terminology. A title or label. The moral is, society does NOT place a label on someone as an individual, rather, what melting pot they fall into. People are losing what is most precious to each of us. Our Individuality. The ultimate sacrifice does NOT require the death of an individual. Therefore, in one sense, if you are losing your individuality, in this writers opinion, that is an ultimate sacrifice. But yet, you're still alive. Follow me on Twitter - @caesarrondina, Facebook - caesar rondina author, and Instagram - caesarrondinaauthor. Please feel free to leave comment below. Thank you. - CJR

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