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"Are You Tired Of Being Screwed?"

INTRODUCTION: Are you tired of being screwed? Who the hell isn't? If it's not taxes, it's gas prices, food prices, crappy wages, raises, or just people in general. There are many happy people in the world. However, let me tell you from someone that is out with the public a great deal, far more or miserable and disgusted. Do you think you are alone? Do you think only you get screwed? Well, you are wrong. I have gotten screwed so many times I lost count. We are all in that boat together, and rowing against the tide. I could never write a blog post about every way we get screwed. That would have to be a book. However, I can write a post about the topic in general, and how you can help yourself to avoid it. That is the purpose of this blog post. Am I going to tell you things you don't already know? Possibly, but I am guessing what I am about to tell you, you simply have forgotten, or don't practice.


  • We are all in a hurry and want it yesterday,

  • Very few of us have patience,

  • Someone is ALWAYS trying to take advantage of you,

  • Sometimes your best friend can be your worst enemy,

  • Most companies care about the bottom line, not you,

  • Does the government really have your interest in mind?

That's the short list. But let's review each. Haste makes waste. Some of the reason we are often times screwed is our own fault. We simply do not do our due diligence. We don't do our homework. Let's look at the case of if you deal with an attorney. I am NOT saying attorneys are bad, but they are people as well. They tell you the pertinent facts and expect if you have questions, you will ask, and they will ask you if you have any. Sounds simple right? WRONG! You may not have a question BECAUSE YOU DON'T KNOW THE QUESTIONS TO ASK. The world of the internet is amazing. You can find out just about anything about anything. No one can think of anything. In the case of law and medicine, we all do expect to be told the COMPLETE picture. However, what is the complete picture to one person may be different from another. Therefore, we have to take some responsibility. You may have a situation where you didn't know the question to ask, and was not told of a particular possibility. You expected that that person would tell you ALL the possible scenarios. Sometimes that doesn't happen.The thing to remember is, in medicine or law, the doctors and attorneys always get paid. The one who loses is you. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!

Many of the choices we make are because we do not have the patience to wait. How many cases of lawsuits from people you know were settled because the person needed the money now? I am not saying that insurance companies do this, but is it possible that since they have the working capital you do not have, they will deliberately wait to settle knowing at some point, you will need to. Hence, $$$ saved. Look. Life is not about you when it comes to money. It's about the bottom line. The adjuster's job is to save the company money, NOT pay you more. Are there ways to fix that, of course, there are. There should be laws that prohibit the deliberate stalling of benefits or approvals. However, that creates another can of worms.

Ask yourself, are there those out there trying to screw you? You bet your bottom there are. Especially if you are trying for a promotion and others you work with are trying for the same job. It's dog-eat- dog. How many times have you seen the same person get promotion after promotion, just to find out they are friends outside of work with the boss. They are a member of the good ole boy club. Everyone clearly knows they were not the most qualified for the job. What I find amazing is that SOME companies don't even care how obvious it looks. They go through the legal motions to make to opportunity equal to all when they know in advance who is going to get the job. Is there a solution. Of course. You can complain. The fancy name for the department you do that through is called "Human Resources." Now, welcome to political suicide. As I stated, not all companies work like that, but in the end, who gets screwed? Right again, YOU!.

That covers three bullet points. Now for the last. The government. This is a case where also, we must take some responsibility. We elect people into office. Now, some groups are formed that are quite verbal when our elected officials are not doing their job. However, the VAST majority do nothing about it. The saying, "UNITED WE ARE STRONGER" is true. One voice in a crowd is never heard, but when the whole crowd speaks, people listen. Especially if they want to be re-elected. Now in defense of our government, is our local, state, or federal government going to be able to keep everyone happy? Of course not. Is there a fix? I think so. Let's face it. We elect candidates based in part by the campaign promises they make. Promises, that quite frankly, they don't even know if they can keep. Therefore, those promises should be a working contract. If you don't keep them, you don't keep the job. One of the largest problems in politics is, there is very little accountability during their term. Yes, we can vote them out, but in the interim, a great deal of damage can be done, and who gets stuck fixing it? The next elected official, and who pays the price tag? You and I.


Are people out to screw you? In some cases, yes, and in others, no. Are you tired of being screwed? ABSOLUTELY! Can you have a hand in fixing it? ABSOLUTELY! Do you need to be proactive in that process? ABSOLUTELY! Ask yourself this. When was the last time you attended your town meeting? Courtesy of the internet, did you know that in 2018, only 49% of the eligible voters came out to vote in the midterm elections? I promise you the 51% that did not vote complain just as much. The biggest excuse people give is, "I didn't like any of the candidates, so I didn't vote." The moral is, we have problems, and not all of them will get fixed. However, unless people become more active in fixing them, they will never get fixed. God bless.

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Thank you ..... Caesar Rondina

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