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What's Your Lifestyle?


I choose this topic for this week's post because no matter what social media platform you use, no matter who you talk to, the major complaint everyone has with Covid-19 is, "This is disrupting my lifestyle." Before I begin, let's be sure we are all on the same page when referring to lifestyle. Duh, I'm sure you know the meaning, but many times things mean something different to others. When referring to lifestyle, I am referring to your attitude, way, of life, value system, and how you create what symbolizes who and what you are, and how you live.


There are numerous types of lifestyles. Lavish, healthy, outgoing, rural, domestic, and many more. They all share one thing in common. They describe how a person lives their life. As with many things in life, money, for most, is the determining factor how they will live their life, which in turn, is their lifestyle. How many times have you heard this phrase;

"You have Champagne taste with a beer pocket."

Ask yourself this. It you hit the lotto, or suddenly came into a great deal of money, would you live differently? Get a bigger house, buy a better, newer, or second car, go on more vacations, of be more outgoing?"

I think everyone would say yes to all of those. Therefore, does it seem reasonable to say that our lifestyle is dependent on how much money we have? Sure, I believe that is a reasonable assumption. At least until the want versus need scale becomes unbalanced. Then, welcome to the world of debt. But your lifestyle is far more than that.


Your lifestyle is made up of things you do not pay attention to. The many things that make you who you are. Riches and fame could affect those. However, most of that will be fake, but can become second nature. At the end of the day, you are who you are. This part of the lifestyle process is what affect most people. I stated that money is only a part of your lifestyle. Some other things that determine your lifestyle are;

  • Personality,

  • Upbringing,

  • Morals,

  • Values,

  • Attitude,

  • Wants and desires,

  • Friends,

  • Family,

  • more

Many of these things become determined as we grow up. What we see as well as experience. For most, the lifestyle we fall into is the one or similar to what grew up in. However, that can be easily changed if you choose to and have the means and desire to change it. As unfortunate as it is, many children who are raised in impoverished environments, will grow up and retain that similar lifestyle. What is your lifestyle and are you happy with it? Are you content with your personality, morals, beliefs, the way you live your life, and all the other components that make up your lifestyle? Do you get out as much as you would like to? Do you have the clothes that make you feel good about yourself?


When you look your lifestyle, which is actually the life you lead, be sure to look at the entire picture. Removing or adding just one component to your life, can change your lifestyle. It's your lifestyle, be proud of it, if not, change it. Keep in mind, not everyone could be the life of the party, tell the joke the right way so people laugh, be that man or woman that makes every head turn, or the one who can always pay the bill. You will achieve many things in life, but they do not all have to be great things. They only need to be the things you want them to be and fit the lifestyle you want to have.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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