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THE WORLD ACCORDING TO WHOM? - Do you ever wonder?


If you talk to a hundred people, or listen to different news media networks, everyone has a different idea of what the world is, and what it should be. The product of a diversified society. However, that's a good thing, not a bad thing. The real problem does not lie with people's opinion, it lies with the people themselves. That may seem like a mean statement, but it is not. It's a factual one. I always say, and it's true, you can argue about anything, but you can't argue with the facts.


Two of the most reused images I created for different speaking topics that apply nicely to this post.

In this image, the meaning speaks to perception and reaction. Two things that are both inherit and different for each person. Who is to say who is right or wrong? You can't, because it is an opinion. Often times an opinion or reaction is derived from improper facts, or the way it was presented or perceived by others. A product of poor communications.

In this image, the meaning speaks to the three

worlds we live in. Think about it. Isn't this true? We all live in a world of our fantasy. This world is what we would like our world to be. We also have our own world. This is the world we have created based on our life's situation. Then, we have the real world. The world in which we all have to contend with because that world is reality. None of these are bad, however, many times, more than you realize, these three worlds might intersect and interact with each other. For many, this is where they find their comfort zone.


Taking all of this into account, and mind you, you are doing this without even realizing you are doing it, all the other outside sources you come in contact with, or interact with, present either through words, subliminal messages, and other means, that implant their thoughts into your brain. For those of you who do not know what subliminal means, it is something that is below the threshold of sensation or consciousness, meaning, it is some perceived by or affecting someone's mind without them knowing it. (def. courtesy of Google) You are probably wondering how this can happen. Actually, it's quite simple. An example would be words in a song that are repeated, or words and images that briefly flash in a commercial. Believe it or not, you may not think you are noticing them, but your brain is, and your brain remembers them.

This happens in TV commercials, music, newscasts, and other forms of media. Another example would be in a TV commercial. Did you ever find yourself watching a TV show and seeing the same commercial over and over? Not only on the channel you are watching, but also on a channel you switch to. In reality, that product name, no matter how much you can't stand seeing the commercial again, is programmed into your mind. Now, when you go shopping and walk down an aisle, when you see the product on the shelf, your brain associates it with something you know, and BANG! You put it in your cart. A highly effective and used technique. Therefore, you are listening to so much you may not even want to listen to. Again, and great technique, especially in an election year and during election campaigns. Knowing this, you can now see how at times, we actually do not know who or what to listen to. The product of all of this is, CONFUSION!.

When you do this, whatever is left, is your answer. Now, of course, you add to add back in your emotions, the feelings of others, and whatever other factors exist. At least, you will know what your choice is and now it becomes easier to know whether you need to, or should, modify your decision.


Things are always easier to think about rather than proceed with. I never said the process would be easy. I only said there is a process to get through it. So how do we answer the question in the blog title. "The World According To Whom?" By now you should have figured out the answer. The world is what you want to perceive it to be, and what you make it for yourself providing you follow your beliefs, do your homework, and use common sense. You must also know that some things are in your control, and others are not, hence the quote by Matt Haig:

"Don't worry about the things you can't control."

ANSWER: The world is what you make it, and you should always listen to yourself. You are your best guide for the path of your life.



Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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