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5 Tips For Wading Through The Waters Of Truth.


Do you believe everything you read or hear? If you do, then honestly, I feel bad for you because being properly informed is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Let's call it what it is. Even we as people, do not always tell it like it is. We tell people, and oftentimes, those that are closest to us, only what we want them to know. Face it, we all do it, and it's acceptable. Acceptable at work, in your personal life, with your friends, and almost anyone that matter. Why? Because everyone knows that everyone else does it. Therefore, it is an accepted practice. Yet, when it happens to us, frankly, we get pissed off. Why? Because we always want to be told the truth but do not always want to tell the truth or the full story. I call that "your selected truth." Interesting isn't it. It should be because it's true. We all have what I called selective truth. We select how much of the truth or what version of the truth we want to tell. For the most part, it works. UNTIL! We get caught doing it. My father always used to say;

"Always tell the truth, because you never have to remember the truth, but a lie you have to remember forever."

Just think for a moment how true that statement is. I said earlier, 'until we get caught.' Well, remember that lie or selective truth you told? One day it will come up again, and when you tell it differently, BANG! The trap was sprung and you got caught. When we speak of the truth it's like wading through the water. Each step you take, you don't know what you are going to step on. Yes, sometimes the truth does and will hurt. However, in the long run, you will always be better off, be a better person, and people will have greater respect for you.


How do we know when we are being told the truth? These are difficult waters to get through because many times what we hear, we twist into what we want to believe.

Telling the truth, even in the mainstream media, is like the fisherman who throws out his line and waits to see what bites. The human comparison would be who bites. Politicians do this all the time. We expect them to. They have no other way to determine who will side with them and eventually vote for them until they send out a little bit of bait to see who bites. At least the fisherman has a better fighting chance. He/She knows what type of fish they are trying to catch and uses the bait that is proven to catch that type of fish. As people, we are very different than that fish that is known for taking the worm and getting hooked. Our advantage, if we know how to use it, is we have RESOURCES. In today's world, people do more fact-checking than years ago. The unfortunate part is that the ratio of those that fact check information as compared to those who just believe everything they read and hear doesn't even come close to being a balanced scale. Did you know that 9 out of 10 Americans don't fact-check information they read or hear? Check out this link. ZNET.COM.

This goes for the news, the newspapers, magazine articles as well as social media. President Trump used to call it "FAKE NEWS." Well, it's not an issue of who calls it fake news, the issue is it exists in all forms of media. Bogus websites are all over the internet that writes articles or states facts about people that are not true. When Denzel Washington was interviewed about truth with regards to journalism in 2016 was spot on. Here's the link if you wish to watch it. It's only one minute long.

However, there must be a way to wade through these waters, and there is. However, it will take some participation on your part.


Let me say that these 5 tips apply to everything in your life.

1. Know the source - Is it a credible source or person?

2. Do your homework - Don't be so ready to believe something because you want to.

3. Check other sources - see what others are saying about the topic. Yes, at times, even in your personal life, you need to check on what you are being told.

4. If it sounds like a lie, it usually is a lie. - At times are need to believe what we are told is so important to us we miss the obvious signs of something not even sounding reasonable.

5. And this is the most important one. Learn how to read people. I enjoy watching Judge Judy. Not because of the cases, yes, I find the law quite interesting, but it's her ability to read people that is amazing.


When people are telling you the truth, they know what the truth is and do not have to think about how they are going to answer your question. The biggest telltale of this is when you hear; "let me think about how I want to say this." That's a dead giveaway. When you fall for that one, they can sell you swamp land in Louisianna and you'll buy it. Wading through the waters of truth is not difficult, but it does take you participating a bit. The phrase "believe half of what you see and none of what you hear" has some merit. Why? Because as people, the human condition dictates that we will see only what we want to see, and believe what we hear if it's something we want to believe. That is the habit we all need to break in order to wade the waters of truth. I can sit here and write you at least of dozen examples that endorses that statement but frankly, you would not want to hear them because you have all fallen subject to them. One thing I have learned is people do not need to be reminded of their mistakes. They know full well when they screwed up.


In our own way, we all have a need to know the truth and believe what we hear or read. We all want to know the truth. However, Jack Nickolson put it quite elegantly in the movie A Few Good Men when he made the comment on the witness stand, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH." So I ask you to ask yourself, can you? As I stated earlier, the truth is sometimes painful. In life, in politics, and in all aspects of our life. The biggest thing people run from when it comes to the truth is their Doctor. When they don't feel well and go to the doctor who runs a barrage of tests, they fear knowing the truth as to what is wrong with them. After well over 30 years in pre-hospital medicine, I have seen this time and time again. However, the truth is, knowing the truth is the best result because numerous medical conditions can be controlled or resolved if caught early. When it comes to your health, DENIAL, is not your friend. It's your worst enemy.

This is why my 5 tips to help you wade through these waters are true, make sense, and work. LEt's use the Covid-19 vaccine as an example. First, I respect anyone's decision not to take it. I want to make that perfectly clear. However, the reasons are not as clear. The most common ones are it's not actually approved by the FDA, or I don't want to put anything in my body that I don't know what it is. However, when it comes to truth, let's face the truth, shall we?

  1. Most people eat foods or take supplements and they have no idea what chemical additives have been added to it to preserve its shelf life. Yet, they eat the food and will take the supplements not even knowing if the labs that make these supplements are FDA-approved labs.

  2. People excessively drink alcohol, smoke, or do more serious drugs. YEt, they do this knowing the long-term effects it can have on their health.

  3. This is a big one. The data and the science does not lie. The number of Covid-19 cases from Variant D has increased in 47 states, to a younger population, they are getting sicker, and the FACTS are, these people getting it HAVE NOT BEEN VACCINATED.

Now I tell you these facts NOT because I question their choice. It's their choice and their health. I tell you this because it's about facing the truth. Doing your homework, and making a choice. Fear is our worst enemy. In these cases, it's fear that stops people from getting vaccinated. Fear of a needle, not wanting a sore arm, or dealing with the side effects of a shot should they even get them. FEAR. Fear will always blind us from not only truth but reality. I just used this as an example because the topic is so much at the forefront right now. Restrictions have lessened and things are slowly returning to normal because the vaccine works. If it didn't, we would be where we were 6 months ago, and we are not. The only ones facing this now are those that have NOT been vaccinated. That's the science, that's the data, that's the reality, that's the truth.

On a final note. As I stated in my video blog post last week, soon I will be leaving New England and relocating to a different state. I will be posting another video blog post for August, then I will have to take done my audio/visual production studio. Although my weekly blogs will continue, for those of you that might be familiar with setting up an audio/visual studio, it takes time to get it right. Therefore, for September and Possibly October, I may not be producing a video blog post those months. However, after I am settled into my new home and get my boat squared away, I will set up the studio and resume my once-a-month video blog posts.

One of my subscribers asked, "Why don't you just produce them and schedule them in advance?" That was an excellent suggestion and thank you. As I have stated, over 90% of my topics are requested from my readers or subscribers. Therefore, there is no lack of topics for me to chose from. However, between packing, making all the necessary arrangements, and all the other things that go along with moving, I do not want to rush two or three months of video topics and not produce both quality and informative presentations. I thought and made the decision it was best to wait, get settled, set up the new studio, and get back to the video posts at that time. Oh, and did I tell you that I hate moving? However, this will be my last move. I lived in different parts of New England over the years and will come back to visit family and friends yearly. New England will always be in my blood.

Stay safe and be well. Thank you.

Caesar Rondina


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