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Are Some People Losing Their Minds? - What's a person to do?


Greetings to all. The statement, "They are losing their mind," is very vague but highly used. It's a phrase that people use to express their feelings about the actions of others. In this post, we will break that down a bit further. Why? Because it is real. It actually happens. People do lose their minds, not because they went to work and left their minds at home, but because of how this natural situation affects people's lives and the lives of others.

What is more critical in these cases is what a person suffering from this loss of facility does for a living. It is important knowledge that, in most cases, a person who is losing their mental capacity knows this early on. However, rather than address it, they make excuses for it. That is called 'denial.' A common condition that we all do for various things. However, denial can lead to devastating consequences when it comes to our health. So let's get started.


What is normal? Meaning what types of instances are considered to be normal? We are all forgetful at any age. On a hectic day, any one of us may put something down and not remember where we put it. How often have you left your car keys somewhere in a rush and forgotten where you put them? Heck, we all do that. That is considered normal.

Or how many times have you said, "I'm going to put this here, so I won't forget where I put it." Of course, you will forget where you put it. Mainly because you did something that is out of your everyday routine. For example. I am terrible at leaving my car keys in different places around my house. I have been that way for years. Therefore, I changed a bad habit. The habit of just leaving them anywhere. I now have one place where my car keys go the minute I walk through my door.

I live a hectic life, and I am on the go mostly all day. So this is a typical type of forgetfulness.

However, should that happen to everything a person deals with during the day, that should be a red flag? It is also typical to forget something that someone tells you in passing. Keep in mind that people will remember what is important to them. What they tell you may not be that important to you. Therefore, you may not remember it. Some people, such as myself, are told many things throughout the day and will keep a note on their cell phones regarding what is important. It's no different than placing your next doctor's appointment on your calendar. This is totally normal.

In addition, as people get older, they tend not to remember things like they did in their younger years. This happens for many reasons. If they are retired and become sedentary, their mind gets lazy. An active mind is a happy mind. It stays sharp. The activity of the mind keeps it healthy.

A neighbor down the street from me is 96 years ago. He is as sharp as a tack. He walks 4 to 5 miles daily and works on a woodworking project or something else to keep his mind active. God bless him. Granted, he may be the exception to the rule, as each person is different and ages different.

Then there is the matter of disease processes such as Alzheimer's or Dementia. Both cause cognitive decline. However, if you do not live in denial of a problem you may think you have, there is help you can get. The first step is prevention, the second is recognition, and the third is action.

Ignoring a problem DOES NOT make it go away. This is a big issue for our elderly population because ignoring a problem can affect their quality of life. It also affects their families.


Politics is a dirty game. The most current thing we all hear about on the news daily is the controversy surrounding our President's mental capacity or possible cognitive decline. We have all seen the video clips and sound bites the media play. The confusion, the mumbling, the forgetfulness, and other signs of what COULD be cognitive decline. I say could because I am not a doctor. I am not qualified to diagnose that condition. However, I have a sharp mind, a set of eyes and ears, and I can see things that do not appear to be typical actions for any individual.

This leads to a couple of questions. First, we cannot age discriminate. Therefore, someone can run for President at any age. Second, I think most would agree that being the President of the United States is probably considered one of the most important and stressful jobs on our planet. Therefore, I ask you two questions:

  1. Should there be an age limit to run?

  2. Should every candidate be required to take a cognitive function test?

Let's look at two definitions:

Cognitive Function: (1) Cognition basically means using your brain. It is a broad term that includes many varied and complex brain activities (or cognitive functions). Activities such as attention, memory, processing speed, and executive functions (i.e., reasoning, planning, problem-solving, and multitasking).

Cognitive Decline: (2) Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCD) is the self-reported experience of worsening or more frequent confusion or memory loss. It is a form of cognitive impairment and one of the earliest noticeable symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias.

Many of us have seen many great Presidents speak. John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan, to name a couple. There are undoubtedly many more. Yet, we felt a sense of security and confidence when we listened to them. We got the feeling they knew what they were talking about. Whether or not they were reading a teleprompter, their presentation was firm and convincing.

Is this the case with President Biden? Do you get the feeling he knows what he is talking about? He is confident and not confused. Is he consistent? Does he refer to others by their proper title?

Or do you get a feeling of insecurity, confusion, and forgetfulness? I could post my clips and sound bites for you to review, but if you watch the news, you have already seen them.

Health issues are the most challenging issues for people to face. They are frightening and mean lifestyle changes that people are not ready to give in to. At least until they have no choice. It is sad to witness. However, specific jobs require certain responsibilities. Some are very important because they affect the lives of so many. Not just immediate family members.

Illness at any age for any person is sad. However, it is a part of getting older. Some may never suffer from some diseases, while others may. Also, they present differently for each individual. Why do some people get grey hair younger than others? It is genetics. However, grey hair does not affect the nation's people or the world. Cognitive decline does.

We must also consider the impression it has on other world leaders. Do we represent the strength as a nation we used to? All of these questions and more are critical to our country. Does this make sense to you? What do you think? What is your impression?

In addition, there is the ongoing Trump/Biden debate. Who knows, with all this controversy of classified documents, if either of them will be able to run in 2024? But, if we are going to have a fair justice system, they must both be given the same punishment, if any, for the same offense. That is where the political nightmare comes into play.

In the interest of fairness, it makes no difference which man you prefer. What we are talking about here is a condition of the mind. Not which man you like better. We must give Donald Trump credit because he took a cognitive function test and passed. Joe Biden refuses to take one. That makes this writer ask the question, why. What is Joe Biden afraid of?


The subject and discussion of mental decline can go on Infinitum. However, when it comes to the POSSIBILITY of this condition, it no longer becomes what is important to you or who you like more. Instead, it becomes a matter of what is best for the country. But unfortunately, politics frequently get in the way of what is best for the country.

Therefore, to answer the question, "Are Some People Losing Their Minds?" The answer is yes. Could our President be suffering from cognitive decline? Only a properly administered test by a qualified doctor could answer that question. In one way or another, everyone loses a part of their mind as they age or develop a medical condition. There is no shame in that. The shame comes from not recognizing the condition or ignoring it. I have always said, "I don't care how healthy you eat or how much you exercise. The body is a degenerative machine. It does not get better with age. The most you can do is extend the time to the inevitable."


Remember to always:

Live with an open mind,

Live with an open heart,

Live your best life.

Best Regards,

Caesar Rondina


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