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At The Present Time, What Really Matters? - A precursor to next week's blog post.


Greetings to all. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those who have lost some much due to hurricane IAN. The rebuilding process will take a great deal of time. My house sustained significant damage. These catastrophic events serve as a constant reminder never to take things for granted. My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have suffered during this time.

This brings me to tonight's topic. Some say, "Why do we vote? Once someone is in office, they do what they want anyway." To some degree, that may be true. Politics is a game. You help me on this, and I will help you with that. In 1788-1789, were the first federal elections in the United States. Although some forms of elections were taking place from the beginning of time. Just the method of choosing the leader was different. It was the strongest that survived and let the tribe. No one else had much say.

We have significantly evolved greatly from those times. For some years now, we the people, have had the right to choose through the method that has come to be known as voting. Elections always serve a purpose. That purpose is to exercise the will of the people. The primary issue is that, compared to the voting population, in 2020 voter turnout was 68.4% for womem, and 65% turnout for men. Roughly 9.7 million more women than men voted. (1) All reference links will be provided at the end of the post.

The most significant issue in voting today is trust. WHO DO WE TRUST? Every candidate will campaign on what they think we want to hear. The posture of running for a political office has changed dramotically. Debates are no longer debates, they are bashing sessions, and the issues get lost in the process.

In addition, decades back, we all had ONE DAY to vote. The only voting that was done early was for military personnel stationed overseas. Now, voting starts early in many states. As much as a month earlier. DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? So much can come be discovered close to an election, and you can't take your vote back. In my opinion, the voting process was more trustworthy during those times. In next week's post, I will be discussing, leaving out all the fluff, why these midterms are critical to our future.

I believe the answer to the topic of this post is simple. YES, voting serves a purpose when appropriately approached.


Initially, the process was basic. Listen to each side, choose, and vote for the person you feel would protect your interests. In theory, that is still the case. Still, with all the attacks on politicians and their families and how party lines have become so divided, even within their own parties, this is now an extremely complicated process. The mainstream media, which should constantly be reporting fairly, and without bias, has taken on a new role. They choose a side. This tarnishes the process. Who is left to trust when you don't trust the candidates and can't trust who is reporting the news?

Well, that answer is also simple. You MUST trust yourself. You can only do that by doing your own homework. Watching media networks that cater to the different sides do not provide you a complete and accurate story. With that said, somewhere in the middle will be the facts. If you are only going to watch a network that leans heavily to the left or the right, you will never get the complete picture. At least FOX news has people on their panels from the left and the right. I find those debates most interesting.


We must all accept that we can please some people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. In addition, some things are much bigger than they appear. Other things happen behind the scenes due to national security that we will never hear about. Transparency can only go so far.

No one will totally agree with either party. However, the parties do not have the common sense to get their house in order. Everyone thinks they are right, and the other side is wrong. That rarely is the case. However, the government has turned away from the people they represent due to their personal agendas. They fail to listen to the people. Mayors, Governors, Congressmen, Congresswomen, and Senators, listen to their party. Not their constituents. They need to start listening to the wishes of those they voted them into office.

Voting has one distinct and what I feel is the most crucial purpose. The ability to vote out those not doing the job they were elected to do. Therefore, voting is important and, without any doubt, serves a great purpose. With that said, the one important lesson I have learned in life when things are NOT working is to break the problem down to basics.

For a moment, forget some words. Forget the words Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, Liberals, Conservatives, Extremists, and maybe a few more. Instead, look at the platforms, the problems, values, morals, and what you want and believe in. Then, look at the candidates and see who fits into your mold. More on this in next week's post. As a society, we are facing challenging and complicated times. What happens next will define the future for many years to come.

Again I state; elections have a purpose when we, the people, vote. With an open and informed mind based on what we want, not what any political party tells us we want. Of course, I have my personal opinions, which I will share next week. This post is to help you to understand the complexity of the situation we are all in as we face these mid-term elections. It will define the next two years. Do we want more of what we have now, or do we take this opportunity to institute change it until the 2024 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS? Which are already shaping up to be a circus.

Is it time to make some changes? Only you can answer that question for yourself. Ask yourself some basic questions. Are you comfortable with the inflation rate? Are you satisfied with the price of energy? Are you content paying the cost for all these people flooding our borders? Are you happy with the drastic increase in crime rates? Do you agree with what the schools systems are doing? Just to name a few. I find it hysterical that all these states who claimed they would welcome these people are complaining about the number of immigrants being sent to their states. No state is set up to handle this influx of record-high individuals entering our country. Do you like paying high grocery bills? I know mine have doubled. This is how you break it down to basics. You face reality and ask real questions. Don't be that person that complains about it and does nothing to fix it. Complaing about it and not doing anything to help solve the problem doesn't help. The only means we have at our disposal is to vote. Therefore, take it seriously.


I hope you can see that I am not picking sides in this post. Next week may be a different story because, like you, I have the right to my opinion. However, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what is happening worldwide. If you feel one is necessary, the time for change is upon us. The last question you must ask yourself is this. Whether you liked President Trump or not is irrelevant. The question to ask yourself is, or you, or we as a country, doing better today than we were two years ago. I have always said. When you vote for a President, you are not voting for a nice smile, someone to have dinner with, socialize with, or wake up next to in the morning. You are voting someone who can and will do the necessary job. The bottom line is no one person is perfect. We all have our skeletons, and we all have our faults. A President is no different. Yes, they are held to a higher standard but are still only human. The same applies to Mayors, Governors, Congressmen and Congresswomen, and Senators. They are all only people.


Stay safe, be happy, and be well.

Live with an open mind,
Live with an open heart,
Live your best life.

Caesar Rondina


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