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Ecopreneurship Tips - Great ways to green your business.

Greetings, one and all. This week is another guest blog post by Cody McBride on an interesting and constructive topic. Thank you, Cody, for your submission. ... Caesar


Growing your business and saving the planet may seem mutually exclusive, but in reality, they are highly feasible. You may even see significant benefits to your business when you go green. Here are some tips from Cody.


Let’s start with the basics - here is what going green entails.

Ecopreneurship: Ecopreneurship is a green business model aiming to reduce a company’s strain on natural resources and contribute to climate change while progressing its business plan.

Green business model: This model ensures ample revenue while minimizing environmental impact.

Starting a green business: Write a business plan and develop a niche that separates your business.


Next, you need a winning green business idea, and the following are a couple of options to get the ball rolling.

Eco-friendly retail: A brick-and-mortar or

e-commerce store is an option if you sell sustainably sourced or ethical products.

Green finance: This option is concerned with supporting local, community-level, and sustainable projects that benefit the community or ecology.

Organic food: You could offer delivery services or reduce environmental impact by avoiding paper and plastic waste.

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Once you've decided what your business idea is, it’s all about implementing your strategies into reality.

Market your business: Use green marketing principles to increase brand reach and exposure.

Seek training: Getting training or education in your industry can improve your business acumen and increase your chances of success.

Organize sustainable partnerships: Make your business more sustainable by partnering with like-minded people and organizations that further mutually agreeable goals and concerns.


There’s more to being a green business than just offering eco-friendly products and services. Take these measures to make your business sustainable: