Holiday Greetings - Should we worry about offending others?



Before I begin, here is a brief update. I am just about settled into my new home, and setting up my new studio is almost complete. I expect to resume my once-monthly video blog posts starting the second Monday in January 2022. Wow, 2022. Where the heck did 2021 go? In a blink of an eye, it was gone. I will admit, with relocating, the second part of this year was hectic for me. However, it still seemed to fly by. In addition, I will be traveling during the Christmas and New Year holidays. My next blog post will be on January 3rd., 2022. There is again, 2022. We all should get used to it.

On another note, I received an email from one of my subscribers about a week ago asking me if I was a rebel and engaged in protests when I was younger. I got a kick out of that email, and we went on to have a delightful exchange of ideas and thoughts. As I have always said, I personally answer every email I receive. With that said, I could understand, based on a few of my recent blog posts, that some might see me as a rebel. I am sure after reading tonight's blog post, that might reinforce those thoughts.

However, I never carried a sign and protested with a crowd of people. I certainly am not against those that engage in those activities peacefully. A rebel is an individual that will have some bad to say about anything. Most times, they are informed of the facts. A rebel is rebellious by nature, not by belief in a particular "cause." I am not rebellious by nature. If I were between going to school and working two jobs my entire life, I would not have had the time. However, what I am is a person that openly speaks his mind. Regardless f the topic or forum. In addition, unless I specifically state that something is my opinion, it is always based on facts, truth, and data.

I believe the majority of today's society does not speak their mind because they are afraid of being ridiculed or coming under verbal scrutiny. Think about that for a moment. Have you ever wanted to speak your mind and didn't for those reasons? Thanks to politics over the last few years, friendships have been lost, family members no longer speak. I even know a couple that got divorced because of their different political views. How ludicrous and crazy is that? In my case, when I feel strongly about something, I will speak out about it. I don't l lose friends or family contacts because I have the unique ability to discuss anything with anyone without losing my temper and can respect their views. Regardless of whether they agree or disagree with my view, everyone has the right to have their own. Therefore, no, I am not a rebel, but I will INTELLIGENTLY speak my mind to anyone or any group of people when I believe common sense is not being applied as we know it to be. Such as the topic of tonight's blog post.

The topic of tonight's blog post is a result of a social media exchange/argument between many individuals regarding what greeting should be used during the upcoming holidays. I was amazed at how heated the discussion became. Such as what is right and what is wrong. What offends people, and what is more a generic gree